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A Rescued Doberman’s VLOG – The BEGINNING [2018]


My Name is Bush – The Beginning – Episode 1: A VLOG about a Doberman named Bush after being rescued from a dog shelter.

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  1. AndyShredz says

    Nice vid bro!

  2. JW Suicides says

    Nicely edited.

  3. Cristina Silva says

    All Dogs deserve a home, and all the Love they can get! 💗

    Great video as always! 😉😘😘

  4. Margarida Rojas says

    Acompanhei a historia do Bush na página e grupo. O video é emocionante.
    Parabens por terem ficado com ele! Toda felicidade do mundo para a matilha toda =)

  5. The Dan & Cori Show says

    Amazing! What a gorgeous dog.

  6. BlondeBabyMetal says

    I am here to show support137

  7. Camila Pacheco says

    Bush, você é prova de o amor transforma vida!!! Parabéns aos papas!!!

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