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  1. Khem Raad says

    Well trained

  2. Onur Mutlu says

    This gorgeous male is Turkey's most popular and famous model's best friend.The name of of the talented boy is Pars and the owner is Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ.Just for the heads up "peace" and as you might ecept it this training is so expensive nowadays 🙂

  3. Ezekiel Lim says

    so amazing. well done!!!!

  4. Andreas Harms says

    warum schreit der denn so ?

  5. Ne-Yo says

    best dog !

  6. m Ni says

    what is this super strange monkey language?

  7. slim jesus says

    best dog

  8. Niomie McHugh says

    thats beautifully done

  9. Diana Yama says

    ben türküm its turkish man

  10. Jordan Logan says

    I'm really jealous of those ears! I missed the age of when you're supposed to get the crop done at 12-14 weeks of age with my boy. but personality is the more important part lol

  11. JohnHelton says

    The commands sounds all the same thing. ???

  12. Kunal Dutt says

    how is that training??? thats just showing off the training skills….!! :/

  13. Boke says


  14. Grimstnzborith Brisingr says

    overshot the ball at 0:43… Nice try.

  15. 47Sukhoi says

    I wish my kids be that much obediant :)))

  16. Brinto Babu says

    Boring video

  17. Black Dragon says

    too many barking commands, didn't understand shit.
    cool vid though.

  18. Blake Johnson says

    Going to start uploading videos on how to train dogs, and I will be using my puppy, he is a Doberman named max!it would mean the world to me if u could sub to me because I want to know if people would actually watch them

  19. Tired247 Always says

    such a beautiful dog, you must be proud

  20. abdyfe says

    just beauiful work my brother good video…

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