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Are Dobermans Good With Kids?


There are many things to consider when bringing home a new puppy, but when you have children (especially small ones) you have a few more. When choosing any breed of dog with children at home it is important to obtain the puppy from a reputable place; whether it’s a breeder or a rescue. One question I hear quite a bit is – are Dobermans good with kids? The answer is sometimes. It depends on several things; this includes the size of the child, temperament and training of the dog, and even the type of environment both the child and dog are being raised.

With that being said, the goal of this article is to give you a good idea how to make it work with a Doberman and a child of any size.

Can I have a Doberman and small children?

The short answer is – of course!

Any dog can be good with kids, even a large breed like the Doberman. The most important thing is that you try to get the Dobie as a puppy, and train it right. The more disciplined your dog is, the easier he or she will be to control around children.

Regardless if you have small children living in your home or not, you should teach your Doberman to be comfortable around them. You never know who will visit your home, and unless you want your dog “put up” while company is there, you will want a well behaved dog.

The fact of the matter is small children are unpredictable in their actions, often flailing their arms around or acting rambunctious. Some dogs are more tolerant of this than others. Doberman’s are tall dogs who get very excited, it would be nothing for them to knock over little ones. However, if you teach your Dobie while young not to jump on people, this shouldn’t be an issue.

The best thing to do is bring your Doberman home at 8 weeks. This is a great age to begin the socialization process. You will want to make it a point to introduce your dog to as many children of different ages as possible; especially if you are asking “are Dobermans good with kids”.

Obedience Training

A great way to ensure you get a sound Doberman is to provide the dog with early obedience training. Since Dobermans are so smart they usually do very well in these classes, many times finishing at the top. The follow through will be your most important focus once the training is through. The classes will provide the foundation you need to continue at home with no problems.

As with anything else, consistency is key. Remember to always follow through once a command is given. As soon as your Doberman knows he can get you to change your mind, it will become a very hard habit to break.

In the end, if you obtain your Doberman from a reputable breeder then your new puppy should have a sound temperament in place. To keep this temperament socialize your dog from a young age by taking it in public with you any time you can. With enough patience, love, and training you will have a four-legged babysitter in no time. A well raised Doberman makes an excellent family pet who loves to stay around the children. One thing is for sure, if you have a Doberman and children – you never have to worry about a stranger getting close!

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  1. Dobelover says

    I’ve owned Dobermans for years, and they are the best family dogs. I am on my third Dobe, each of them have adored kids. As you said, it’s all about how they are raised!

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