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Pet Doberman Swallows 3 Pounds Worth of Tennis Balls – She Even Ate One Whole

Colin Hutchinson, from Sunderland, took his 7-year-old Doberman, Stella, to the vet after he noticed she stopped eating her food. He was concerned she ate something poisonous, but what the vet found was much more shocking! It was discovered that Stella had a whopping 3 lbs of tennis balls insider her stomach. The retired policeman […]

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housetraining a doberman

Housetraining a Doberman

Some dog breeds are easier than others to housetrain. If you are getting ready to adopt a puppy and want a dog that’s easy to train, a Doberman can be a great choice. In fact, housetraining a Doberman is so easy even inexperienced owners can do it. This breed consistently ranks high on intelligence tests, […]

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altering the look of a doberman ears

Altering the Look of a Doberman

Dobermans are not born as the fierce, sharp-eared, short-tailed beauties you know them as. In fact, Doberman puppies are born with long tails and floppy ears. Elective surgeries, more specifically ear cropping and tail docking, have been successfully used in altering the look of a Doberman for decades. Depending who you ask you will get […]

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