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Baby with Doberman and her puppies


Doberman temperament is influenced by genetics, socialization and training. This is the kind of temperament test we employ at family dobes. Our dogs must accept and love children, and still be willing to protect the family with their life. Will this Doberman attack the baby to protect her young? Are Dobermans safe with children? Can you trust your dog with your child? Remember the dog is still supervised, children should never be left alone with any dog at any time. Baby plays with Doberman puppies.

  1. David Partow says


  2. Danekind66 says

    Beautiful video ! Mommy Doberman is so gentle with her puppies & the little boy. Have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year !

  3. Carlos Ramos says

    Love doberman pinchers. Great family dogs kind with my kids but will protect and give their life for the family.

  4. heidi werner says

    I love these dogs!!!

  5. heidi werner says

    What a good Mama

  6. Doglover says

    Love your dog got any pups left

  7. Boris Georgiev says

    Hello is it possible that you can ship a puppy to Bulgaria?

  8. Mary Magnell says

    What  a beautiful and patient mama!

  9. Zach Zier says

    That is a very good patient mama right there. Man you look at those puppies and then look at her and you can't help but be astounded that they'll be that size in a few years.

  10. Kevin Vinson says

    Dobermans are such awesome family members!

  11. PensiveCzar says

    Seemed like the baby was trying to get the dogs attention, but she was obviously preoccupied with her own.  But still tried to give him a little acknowledgment here and there.

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