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Beautiful Doberman Puppy “Ember” 13 Wks Obedience Protection Trained Home Raised Super Dog For Sale


For sale with additional training though our “Build A Beast” program. Details on our website:

  1. Cynthia Crowley says

    What a beauty! Do you have all the Dobies cropped in the same style? 👍🐕💙

  2. Glenda saavedra says

    Beautiful I ❤️

  3. Glenda saavedra says

    What do people buy from you and their already trained or what?

  4. Brooke Smith says

    Is there a name for the style you crop their ears in, or just how you do every pup? It looks beautiful!

  5. RICH BOY says

    How much is him when he was this young

  6. Pet Express says

    in what age we should cropped puppy ears ?

  7. Pet Express says

    is there any shape for cropping ears

  8. Soni Novicevic says


  9. Samantha e says

    does anyone else see those other beautiful dogs in the back

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