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  1. LisandroX says

    Nice vid!

  2. Naomi says


  3. Morticia Cat says

    1:41 lol that one dog that hit the chair

  4. Teegan says

    Awesome video my friend! I left a like! °⌣°

  5. jjbinderr says

    Excellent video. Are the docs prepared for the bad guy who fights back?

  6. Caitlyn Matheson says

    I have a mean dopermen

  7. Cynthia Hynes says


  8. Sydney S says

    Just an FYI to anyone watching this; if you own any dog bred to be a guard dog (gsd, dobies, rotties, etc.) they WILL protect you and the family regardless of training. In fact, most dogs in general will do this regardless of breed. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on training for your dog to justifying bite someone. If you want a guard dog, do your research. I swear my Mom's Yorkie is as good a guard dog as my Akita is.

  9. PS2Nerd says

    Great video! You know the best secret about being rich and living on a secure facility? We own 6 trained pit bulls and 2 Belgian Malinos

  10. MrMrFreshNews says

    Subscribe to my channel There will be a lot of beautiful stuff

  11. From the Pound to the Penthouse says

    it is exploitive and dangerous to promote dogs as "attack" dogs. Sydney S is exactly right. these dogs are naturally protective of family/pack. This video promotes abusing dogs.

  12. Carmen Tismanar says

    Toți sunt magnifici !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Oliver Gamerz says

    They are savages

  14. Kasadya Kasadya says

    34 dislikes ! that proves that people are ignorant !


    look my Chanel

  16. Jesus mother of God!!! says


  17. Pappii Taly says

    Both dogs are beast

  18. TwistedTKD91 says

    It's a shame Dobies don't last very long they have a lot of health problems =(

  19. Isaac Rodriguez says

    1:00 that was bad training right there the guy didnt even move instead the dog just went it to bite what if that was a random person

  20. Filidonos says

    1:42 WTF ???

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