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Cesar We Have a Problem | Dog Whisperer


An aggressive dog needs only one solution: calm and assertive owners.
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From London to the Jersey shore, Cesar Millan travels far and wide this season to help problem pups, including those of Kelsey Grammer, Jillian Michaels and Hugh Hefner. Watch as Cesar uses his uncanny skills to rehabilitate dogs and train people to achieve a balanced and natural relationship between humans and their pets.

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Cesar We Have a Problem | Dog Whisperer

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  1. Su Rikate says

    CM is insane. More isn't too say to this video.

  2. WWE MOVES says

    Golden's aren't aggressive😂😂

  3. Magnus Vinter says

    funny how in nature they will rip each other apart one bite at a time but in our homes they are lazier then us.

  4. Krislloyd Chamberz says

    they need to put a mussel on him

  5. Asteroid Arts says

    How’s Mrs. Cartman Mr. Millan?

  6. Zimri Neftaly G. says

    98% of The time is not the dog its the owners

  7. This Random Dude says

    Why can't people adopt softer and weaker dog breeds when they don't know what to do? My first dog was a pomeranian, a small very friendly dog. He was my best friend, and when he died of old age, I decided to get another dog because of the vacuum left in my heart. I had just gotten into sports so I wanted to get a stronger and more athletic dog. I got myself a German Shepherd and using my previous experiences with weaker and friendlier dogs, I was able to put a good base of trust and friendship between the both of us. She's still my best friend and we always have an awesome time (she even won a few competitions, I'm so proud of her!).

  8. LovingAtlanta says

    👍Calm & assertive no matter what… in life…with dogs & humans. 😁

  9. Anthony Minut says

    They really should use the submissive position Cesar uses

  10. Weldingandfab says

    "Ide like him not to eat the neighbors" xD HAHAHA

  11. Keiran Southerm says

    They can’t handle the dogs they own. Plain and simple

  12. LIQUID SNAKE says

    See? That's the problem

  13. marsh rat says

    if you're going to buy a large breed that has aggression you need to do your research I bought my first Rottweiler but I did six months worth of research before I bought one it happens to be one of the best dogs I've ever owned there's no such thing as a bad dog just a bad owner

  14. ayao says

    lmfao americans unable to contain their dog on a leash begging it to stop

  15. Lucy Ross says

    Ceaser is the best he loves dogs

  16. iamzoe ! says

    That's what my Rottweiler does,She bites my arm 😂😂😂

  17. Shoshana Bodner says

    You showed the problem but not how to deal with it..
    My dog fights a lot with other dogs how do i prevent it?

  18. Grimmie _nebu says

    Women who don't know how to walk dogs not surprising

  19. Phantom Gaming says

    The husky looks like a wolf

  20. Mike Cascio says

    Rule #1 Do not get a dog that you cannot physically control…

  21. Bradley Star says

    I'm sorry but that husky needs to go

  22. Elizma Ras says

    Its called puppy training….they have to be taught how to interact with others, how to play with people and dogs….my dog for 13years never bit me, not even by accident….because we trained her and she was extremely dog friendly and she got along with a cat

  23. Vashist Venkatesh says

    So eat the neighbours kid … Then he knows what not to do. Wow that's brilliant advice.

  24. Steve Carras says

    Wagging tail does not necessarily = friendly 🐶.

  25. KAT says

    No wonder shelters are over full and attorneys are rich off dog bite cases.

    Stupid people who shouldn’t own dogs always seem to have big ones they are unable to control.

  26. Andrez Hernandez says

    I would of beat that mother clucker so hard animal control would agree with me, no animal cruelty

  27. kyle blanford says

    My dogs can punk out all theses dogs yet never bit a person

  28. Jennyfer Ons says

    No thank you…No dogs for me 🙄

  29. TheSlimyNoodle says

    If the dog bites your arm hit it hard in the head and yell at it to show your dominant

  30. Sandeep Debnath says

    Cesar should come to turkey and try assert his energy on kangals. 😎

  31. Lisa Redford says

    These people shouldn’t have dogs this size as a first dog they should get small easier bread or a cat

  32. Ryan Ong says

    Awwwrh, those dogs just need more love. A few huggles and treats would fix it.

  33. Steven Bentsen says

    which dog are we trying to help? lol kinda confusing, a bunch of clips of dogs with no solution to their problems

  34. Steven Bentsen says

    which dog are we trying to help? lol kinda confusing, a bunch of clips of dogs with no solution to their problems

  35. JL-sTaTiKxX says

    That woman should stay far away from dogs, whilst other dogs are attacking it she’s trying to strangle the life out of it, you need to totally subdue the situation and not just rag your dog around

  36. Izaya is My senpai says

    And this is why I'm a cat person 😅😅😅

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