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Chihuahua VS Doberman


DISCLAIMER: My Doberman would NEVER hurt my Chihuahua. They do this to each other every time one of them has something the other wants. Usually my Chihuahua steals whatever my Doberman has. This time he didn’t for whatever reason. Please do not comment telling me how mean I am or how my Doberman is going to eat my Chihuahua because she’s not. Do you honestly think I would put either of my dogs in any danger?



  1. klark m says

    lol the doberman like : yeah….. pablo come get your bone see what happens !

  2. liakos paraliakos says

    realy cut chihuahua


    Pablo is pouring out his heart to you bro.

  4. DWriteLambily says

    Omg the Chihuahua is song freaking cute!!!! When I get mine I'm gonna spoil the crap out of her!

  5. Becca Russell says

    Lol ramseys face is jus like yea i dare ya!

  6. Bent the Hawk says

    lol me 2

  7. filips989 says

    Ramsey completely froze when you said Pablo and bone in the same sentance 😀

  8. Ali Chhour says

    lol I love the ad in the background when Pablo gives up. Everything tastes better with a dollop o' daisy…
    Oh Pablo.

  9. TheLordmep says

    4:09 Go get your bone Pablo.
    Pablo: are you serious?
    Doberman: You heard him Pablo. Come and get your bone. I won't bite, much.

  10. MRT12371 says

    Ramsey's like "Yeah, how do YOU like it, ya little punk? PAYBACK!"

  11. Lucie Willow says

    awww poor little dog =((

  12. Ryan .Moseley says

    to that chihuahua that doberman is like ten ft tall he's like fuck that lol

  13. Janet Rodriguez says

    The Way Pabloe Is Sitting <3 and Thta Cute faceee <3

  14. guineapigheartify says

    The dollop a daisy is playing!

  15. Julissa Menendez says


  16. john Rodriguez says

    I have a doberman and it took me couple hours how to teach him how to sit

  17. Suede head says

    U r a horrible owner!

  18. dewdropHD says

    Pablo: B-but she is so big!!

  19. sarabarroso31 says

    so cute,both =)

  20. Creampuf1977 says

    Lol Pablo knows what will happen >:3

  21. Isabel Armas says

    you are mean

  22. Chris Ferrer says

    poor little guy can't get a break….lol

  23. Leo theChibowow says

    @ 0:18 and 0:31 you can see Pablo showing you how big and tall the doberman Ramsey is. But it's Pablo's fault for making it clear that sharing is a taboo in the environment. It all totally backfired of Pablo. LOL

  24. martin bubbels says

    i am the only one this is not smart behaviour ….?

  25. Ana Nitzy Padilla says

    So funny! It makes me laugh

  26. indigo asket says


  27. Ren Jay says

    …..but he's so big and scary daddy, help me…..

  28. NinuskiTjinuski says

    Oh my, how precious are they! I came across Pablo and Ramsey while watching Dog101 here on Youtube. Such awesome dogs, these two! Greetings from your new fan in Finland. 🙂

  29. patdaboni1221 says

    I just watched Dogs 101 and your dogs looked great, congratulations you guys. 😊😊

  30. jefferzy43 says

    Pablo is the best doggy name I've ever heard!


    È bellissimo

  32. amy rains says

    I love me some Pablo and Ramsey.  I've been following them for a while now.  I have 3 chihuahua's myself.  I just love them.

  33. Lizard Gaming says

    I have a Doberman

  34. Lizard Gaming says

    I have a Doberman

  35. christian haney says

    Your videos are awesome I saw you on dogs 101 Chad

  36. christian haney says

    I have 2 dobermans and my brothers girlfriend has a chihuahua

  37. inuyashaslvr says

    der showin dis group on animal planet now!!!!!!

  38. Aurélie Niel says

    omg I just saw this On Animal Planet just now

  39. AmeBelle Wins says

    dogs 101

  40. Music777Lady says

    Planing get a Doberman. I've got two teacup chihuahua they are 1year. Do you think they could become friends ? I mean my chihuahua's are tiny and they scared of everything. Is it good idea to get a Doberman? I could get them all to dog school.

  41. Danmandingo says

    Pablo's looking like "You must be outta your GOT D-MNED MIND."


  42. Jeff Land says

    I just saw this on animal planet n had to check it out its so kool

  43. Raychel Kovalevskaya says

    PABLO ??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHA SUCH A GREAT NAME FOR CHIHUAHUA ahahahahaha i have a red doberman pinscher and a chihuahua as well and the little guy bosses the doberman around

  44. carla muniz says

    I seen your videos on the animal planet show

  45. SelSun83 says

    I do not seem to find this Dollop of daisy commercial song… (Btw nice dogs as always)

  46. RADO LORD says


  47. Helen Folk says

    Awww you have to have two bones for each dog 😞😞😞😞

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