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Choosing a Doberman Puppy

Choosing a Doberman Puppy

Bringing a new puppy home may seem like no big deal, however it is not only a huge commitment, but it’s also a lot of responsibility. Once you decide you are ready for a new dog, it’s important to do research to make sure you are choosing the breed that fits your lifestyle. Too many times people purchase puppies because they are cute, but when the puppy begins chewing personal belongings and going to the bathroom in the house the novelty of the puppy fades. This is one of the reasons local rescues are flooded with adult dogs and young puppies. If you are ready for the task and want this breed, the next step is choosing a Doberman puppy from a reputable breeder.

Dobermans, like all other breeds, have personality qualities that can make them unsuitable for some families. If you determine that these big, goofy dogs are perfect for you, then there are some things you should know before heading out and buying the first Doberman Pinscher puppy you see.

Where to Purchase your Puppy

The first thing you need to decide is where you will buy your puppy. You will have many options such as a pet store, professional breeder, hobby breeder, rescue, or even a “backyard breeder”. This is probably the most important part of choosing a Doberman puppy.

The best place to get an even tempered, healthy puppy is from a professional breeder. While many people buy their puppies from pet stores, there is much controversy surrounding these businesses. The fact is many pet stores stock their puppies from puppy mills. This can lead to unhealthy puppies that will require veterinary care at some point or another. Now, don’t get me wrong, professional breeders can produce unhealthy puppies from time to time, however most reputable kennels have all breeding dogs thoroughly tested for hereditary diseases prior to breeding.

If you are looking for an adult dog, a local Doberman rescue can make a great choice. Adopting from a rescue guarantees your dog will come vetted and matched to it’s home. This is important because you do not want to adopt a Doberman that does not fare well with children or other pets. This is especially true if you have either living in your home.

Choosing a Doberman Puppy from a Litter

Most experts agree that when you go to a breeder’s home and choose your puppy, don’t go for the “cutest” one. It’s a great idea to check out the individual personalities and choose the one who is alert, yet calm. In other words, don’t choose the puppy jumping up and down, but also don’t choose the one who is timid and sitting in a corner. The best puppies are those somewhere in between.

The other thing you want to watch for when choosing a Doberman puppy is their overall appearance. Does the puppy look dirty? Is his stomach bloated? If the puppies are not taken care of properly they will go to their new homes with fleas and worms. Fleas are easy to spot with your eyes, but worms are a bit more tricky. The best way to watch for worms is to check if the puppy’s stomach bloats after he eats. Another way is to monitor the dog’s poop. Certain types of worms such as round worms will be excreted with stool. Constant diarrhea can also be a sign. Avoid any problems immediately by simply taking your puppy to a Veterinarian as soon as possible.

The last thing you want to consider is how the parents are. Meeting one, or both, of the parents is the best thing you can do because it can usually give you a good idea of what the dog’s temperament will be like. When choosing a Doberman puppy you want to make sure the parents are approachable and accepting of strangers. These are large dogs that most people cannot control when they have aggression issues. Some aggression issues learned from parents can be overcame through the right amount of socialization. However, this can be a hard task for inexperienced owners.

In the end, a Doberman puppy can be a great addition to your household. Just make sure you choose a reputable breeder who is guaranteeing you a healthy, well socialized puppy. If you do your homework and take time in choosing a Doberman puppy, your Doberman will grow into a wonderful companion who just wants to be by your side.