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  1. Mariana Guerreiro says

    well seen !!

  2. bluejellybean says

    i was watching this and my dog pawed my laptop closed. she's part doberman and is a whiner. she also butt pokes. not sure which is more endearing.

  3. Joshua Upton says

    My doberman boy does this all the time, actually why i looked this video up to see what he'd do when i played another doberman crying. He just looked sideways like 20 times like he was trying to understand what the other doberman was crying about lol.

  4. Jenna Harmon says

    aww, so cute. She just wanted to play with her soccer ball lol

  5. guitardude8179 says

    my dobe is just like this, looooooves to cry but she is an absolute doll

  6. Ethan Willeford says

    32 neighbors now

  7. 12vietnow says

    The tea kettle is boiling 🙂 hehe. I love ramsey

  8. Meraklija says

    Dobermans are the best dogs !

  9. Sezziey says

    I want her a little(BIG) doberman for the family

  10. sirspikey says

    hahaha, that was actually really funny 😉

  11. John Smith says

    Dobeman !

  12. ObPoScene says

    such a pretty dog

  13. John Smith says

    Best dog evaah if you can handle it !

  14. Darrius Dauenhauer says

    and then the little tail wiggle

  15. Darrius Dauenhauer says

    i too have a dobie

  16. Slevin Reviews says

    You won't play so she beat your leg with the soccer ball lol

  17. mikaela Smith says

    i love it!!!! dobes are smarter then some ppl i know.

  18. Michael Ellis says

    Big baby!

  19. Kartik Chandrasekhar says

    You won't believe the misconceptions I hear about dobermans. They're lovely. 

  20. WhimsicottFluff says

    She's like a gigantic puppy

  21. gage hall says

    Love dobermans, got three of them. Its funny how all dobermans carry the same traits. Mine whine like this when they want to play and one actually hits me with his paw when he wants my attention. Amazing dogs.

  22. Mike P says

    Lol she is a big baby

  23. HeinrichKonig says

    I love the fact she whacks you with the football at the end, she's all like "DANG IT FRIEND BEAST! UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M SAYING TO YOU!" >3<

  24. Manuela Manuela says


  25. Anonymous says

    She looks like mine, we had to put her down a month ago…

  26. dawne-bun says

    "Do you have any idea how annoying you are?"

  27. Ritik Pandey says

    just like my own snoopy

  28. NunyaBusiness says

    Heh! Not as annoying as human babies like what you got. That's why I don't subscribed to you anymore. =/

  29. Filomena Roglić says

    Super doberman zakon su

  30. Athenodora Volturi 2785 says

    It sounds like she's singing oprah lol

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