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  1. Joseph M. Caluag says

    @gigglegirl788 Yeah… Tested a number of dogs' mouths when I was in University, not as true as you think.

  2. David Ortega says

    @aannnneejj You're one of the pussies that lives in this world….grow the fuck up

  3. xxxthanatosxxx says

    I would trust my Doberman with my children more than I would most people. They are the most loving and protective dogs anyone can own. If you ever own one you are a lucky person for have doing so! They are your best friend and always have your back! When my kids were young they used to crawl all over my Dobe and he would just lay there and lick and play with them. They are true to their family.

  4. Xena Loki Howes says

    @unityspirit52 Awesome…and they are baby sitters. Have to own one to know them…simple…like you said 🙂

  5. Xena Loki Howes says

    @euchreman I WOULD TO!!! Your words ring 100% with us. She is a second mum to all the kids, cat and us! But highly protective. Yet she knows if you are a DHead, a stranger or trouble and will watch you (even at family parties). Will even tell me!! Adores kids, loves to play and is gentle as, u can do anything to her! Unbelievable dogs 🙂

  6. xxxthanatosxxx says

    @xenadoberman They are so great! I miss mine and can't wait to have another dobe. I never thought I could find a breed I would love but I did. One of the best dogs ever created!

  7. Tamara Smith says

    "didja git liicked?" dad's voice is funny (cute)

  8. Lu666Ka600AA says


    So true.

  9. skypers3 says

    @Ttran778 chihuanhuas…. damn beaner dogs

  10. candie8301972 says

    @Ttran778 Dogs are really loving and social creatures. How you raise them is all that matters…

  11. PentahedronX says

    why people are scared of them. yeah sure if the owner is idiot the dog will reflect him, but the true is these dogs will take a bullet for you. love dobermans and cant wait to have one!

  12. Riggy1991 says

    i'm terrified of dobermans but videos like this are slowly changing my mind

  13. Xena Loki Howes says

    It is a joy to have Xena in our family! In saying that Xena is trained (ongoing), regularly exercised and gets a lot of attention and play. We spent some time preparing her for Imogen and it has paid off big time (as we have and continue to do with Imogen). Nothing really changed for Xena when Imogen arrived. In fact if you asked Xena, she would say it got 100% better, more fun, love, cuddles, walks, family time!!! Thanx for all your comments!

  14. NunyaDammeBiznis says

    The dog is treating the baby as if she were her puppy. What's not to love about a doberman. I want one.

  15. realhumanbean says

    woa it's a hounderman.

  16. I-made-a-booboo-69 says

    nice video! ur pet sure wants to give baby kisses! 🙂

  17. Maldel says

    Indeed, people is filled with absurd prejudices -_-

  18. Denzell Newsome says

    Dogs are beautiful creatures, and would rarely hurt a child; but it has happened before, though probably without intention.

  19. moscalover says

    I really dislike Jack Russels :l

  20. moscalover says

    same, it's cute how they care for the child, but too many parents let them lick their baby. I think people forget how many germs live in a dog's (and a human's) mouth.

  21. SyMoane75 says

    I have 2 mini dachshunds and that is NOT true…they bark but NEVER bite. No breed is worse/better than another one; it really is the owners rather than the dogs

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