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Doberman and Rottweiler attack (


Real rottweiler and doberman attack vs man. Good footage for dog trainers and enthusiasts to discuss dog body language and dog behavior. Aggressive dog behavior can have many causes. Examples are dominance aggression, territorial aggression, fear aggression, resource guarding, protective aggression, and others. Splitting behavior can sometimes be mistaken for violent behavior, although splitting behavior is used to break up aggression. There is much to discuss in the video regarding the communication between the man the dobermans and the rottweilers. It looks like there is 1 male rottweiler that attacks and 1 female rottweiler. The doberman that bites also seems to be male and the other looks like female. Please give your analysis in the comments.

  1. POLO MARCO says

    this is when you pick on up and body slam him as hard as you can.

  2. Tom Hung says

    ngu thì chết

  3. Bishop Johnson says

    the attack didn't look too vicious but they need obedience training 4 sure that's still bad

  4. Alamo Blueblood says


  5. Paul Webber says

    all I hear is excuses.

  6. Billpalful says

    Hello guys! I think that the petting this guy did was really disturbing for the Rottie. In addition of that he leans on to him putting some more pressure and as the dog is already threatened he stands up and threatens him some more beacause he increased the height and the body language of the man, as he stood up, was even more threatening to the rottie.
    The dobbie I think bit because the leader initiated a fight!!! Kind of protective aggression.

  7. R Stoner says

    The guy went from a submissive low position straight to a dominant high position which angered the Rottie. Not sure why the Dobie attacked but probably following the alpha dogs lead as a pack

  8. Craziest Indian says

    Dog Level : Asian

  9. Adam Belong says

    First of all he was in the dogs face he was at their level showing weakness. Then he pushing them away showing aggression to them even if didn't mean to to them that's aggression so that's why they attacked people need to learn how to act around dogs and what behaviour can and can't be used

  10. LÝ NGUYỄN HỮU says


  11. Darik Rome says

    he was stealing the dogs. the dobies were leasged together and he was trying to do the same with the rotties. they were in pairs. 2 of each.
    i think that either this guy is the walker or he is the owner of the dobies. that rotti is a stray, i think that the rotti was following his dogs just doing what dogs do. through trying to maybe sniff them or maybe even mount, it was already a dominant situation. if they were females, he was disrupting that. the guy in the bike saw too many dogs and went the other way and the guy maybe was also holding the rotti down in the process. through all of this this man was astablishing dominace to a dog that did not belong to him nor know him. this dog to show the other dogs who was boss, started attacking the man.

  12. Vaylista says

    The guy made a mistake forcing the dog to a certain behaviour. The dog was in my opinion not agressive, the tail was suggesting that the dog is alright with everything until a certain point. When the guy lost balance he scared the dog.

    The second dog attacking was just following the alpha.

    They didn't attack to kill, if they did, he would be done in 15-30 seconds.
    They bit because of fear, and they were bitting until the threat is still there – guy throwing his arms and legs everywhere

    Please let's discuss this

  13. Ulisses Grant says

    mmmmmm guau guau I'm hungry

  14. İsmimden Sanane Aq says

    orospu cocugu sayfa sahibi niye turkce yapmiyon

  15. El-Morya Galaktik says

    Quel atroce spectacle !

  16. rodo torres says

    if the rotty attacked was because that men is a bad person!

  17. SGK Foxy says

    This is the same exact behavior dogs do at the dog park when someone brings their hyper ass puppy into the mix. All the dogs are at a heightened state of mind, excitement, bit of confusion and miscommunication, and suddenly they're all bullying the hyper puppy, trying to teach it some kind of manners. Looked like the dominant dog in the group was trying to teach the man a lesson about not being overly touchy, and having some respect for space and personal boundaries. Of course this treatment is ok for dogs to do for each other, but humans are unfortunately not built to withstand it, so it's more grueling than the dogs may have intended.

    I'm no expert, but that is my opinion.

  18. Carter_Streed says

    The dogs "attacked" because he was running with what they were doing, by itself the rottie could have ripped him to shreds if it was actually attacking, also the stick hitting thing didn't help either, a simple two fingers in the butt will get it to stop, and yes I have a Pure Bread German Rottweiler so I know how to handle this stuff

  19. Nguyen Duy says

    This happend from Ha Noi city, Vietnam. This owner is new. Just bought all of them a few days.

  20. Orlando Rodriguez says

    they like the yellow meat jajaja.

  21. Jose Vazquez says

    es pendejo o q no estoy a favor ni en contra pero se lo merece por buey

  22. thestar456 says

    he has been attacked by his own dogs???? or? i dont think he is a owner.

  23. Emi Vultur says

    are you idiots?they would have eaten the man.The discution is if the animals were killed after that….i hope you become victims and comment after that body linguage shit

  24. brahma 945 says

    roatwielar and dogerman can attack on owner.

  25. J VSL says

    karma Is food dog

  26. Andrew says

    It looks like the man is walking the two Dobermans (his dogs), and the Rotties off leash come to engage the Dobermans. Instead of letting dogs be dogs and speaking dog body language as well as not showing strength and being the alpha in his pack (the two Dobermans) he tries to control the situation. He most likely got nervous and his two dobermans picked up on his emotions as the Rotties did. The Rottie that attacked had its tail between his legs and it ears were back; possibly frightened, when the man dropped to the Rotties level and hugged the dog it attacked. Frightened dogs are prone to attack. The Doberman looks like it is excited and sees it as a game; when I play tug with my Pit it looks the same way. The Doberman isn't biting limbs but tugging in clothing and looks like mouthing the mans leg for a moment, it seems like play behavior. Also the man shouldn't have gotten down to the Rotties level.

  27. Ag Lear says

    those two guys are gay

  28. edgc50 says

    the person who is taking the video and the owner of the dogs should be held fully responsible for the vicious attack if they put on this man in this video although this video I see was taking in a foreign country this does not happen in the USA.. I also feel greatly that YouTube should be held also responsible for releasing this video, this video has no training aspects whatsoever, this video was made for someone's cruel and vicious entertainment and needs to be removed

  29. Hirozen Sarutobi says

    i like how rot attacked.. rot is a beast.. the man must punch nose and eyes of the dogs to escape.. glad he got rescued by fellow drunk men

  30. Patrick Connelli says


  31. Nosmo King says

    The man did very well

  32. Yash Kumar says

    i know it because if you try to hug a dog it means that you are saying to him that you are his enemy and you want to fight ,,,,,,that guy put their hand in the shoulders of the 2 dogs

  33. Rick Lafleur says

    as bad as that was he is very lucky he wasnt killed they could have very easily

  34. Eric William says

    dog thief

  35. samozafudbal cudaginem says

    Im just sure all these dogs should be tight to tree and burn alive
    Fuck dogs who attack people
    We need to burn them alive
    And i like dogs and own few off them in my life time

  36. Gerson Rivelino Medina Gonzalez says

    Buen ejercicio de ojo clínico para entrenadores.
    En mi opinión los rott no son parte del grupo, el guía se confía de la buena sociabilización de los rott pero es demasiado invasivo con el espacio (jamás se abraza a un perro, menos si no es tuyo no sabes si el lo permitirá) la motocicleta cataliza la atención del rott y con el abrazo encima detona una conducta de agresión redirigida al hombre que hasta ese momento había sido tolerado. El ataque sigue porque probablemente el hombre al no dejar de pelear alimenta la conducta ya no de "agresión reactiva" sino de "agresión instrumental" del rott.
    El doberman se une al ataque no por agresión, el muestra  una conducta que se llama "de intervención" y es para terminar con problemas de agresión en individuos que están en un conflicto.

  37. Roronoa Zoro says

    Why in the hell someone wil goo with 5 most dengerous dogs and he is not the owner bat hi knows sheet about dogs i say hire the dogs are right .

  38. fernando lopez says

    por que paso eso?

  39. ENIS TUBE says


  40. john kusher says

    Hopefully all those dogs were shot dead

  41. Ashwani Bhardwaj says

    yes I think he is not a owner

  42. Gowtham says

    What the fuck!! You have already created a bad image on Rottweilers, Dobermans and Pits…. These are such wonderful dogs… They are not vicious you cunts… Stop spreading this… This fucker is definitely not an owner… Even if he is one, he didn’t raise them well… Don’t blame the dogs

  43. David Lalrintluanga says

    o my god…

  44. donkeymix says

    i fucking cringed watching this, you don’t know how painful it is to get your arm ripped open by a rottweiler man

  45. 92r189m 1m9n9 says

    Fuck all those people who keeps dogs. I am sooo happy when a dog attack his OWNER, specially some old bitch who are not able to walk on the road but have a BiG male dog.
    I asked from most of the people who don't have or owned a dog they said that the woman who have big dog is only to use for SEX purposes.
    There are many prove and videos available in Google.

  46. Keko Rivera says

    Brah poke there eyes out

  47. Vladimir Meskheli says

    why you say? cause both breed are stulid af

  48. V Inc says

    the guys sits down

    What a submission

  49. Bruno the European Doberman says

    the gook was a bad guy

  50. Walter Lucchesi says

    Hi guys at K9-1. So what is the right interpretation here? I see dogs claiming space, but how does this escalate to full bite. You should let us know what you think rather then letting us less experienced guess randomly

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