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Doberman Attack Trained to Bite the Arm Pit (


Armpit bites from personal protection dogs can be painful even with decent protection. Be sure to follow us on facebook: or visit our dog training web site to stay up to date on the newest personal protection dog or advanced training techniques.

  1. silentfades says

    Sincere question – why not train them to go toward the groin or the face ?

    Also do you train them to work with the sound of guns near or directed at them ?

  2. Abdo says

    @silentfades Because They need to Attack the hands first , so drop down the weapon they dont need to Attack the face mate. they can own the one they attack by attacking his hand . Get it ?

  3. silentfades says

    @MrHlestakov thanks for the response
    do you train them not to be afraid of gun sounds ?
    thanks agian

  4. Abdo says

    @silentfades Actually I'm not a trainer =D I just watch videos like you to learn more about training dogs . but I think dogs dont afraid of that cause when my dog hear a gun fire he go crazy and keep barking ! , and it was my pleasure . 😀

  5. silentfades says

    @MrHlestakov sweet and thanks again man

  6. AstronomieXXL Production says

    THIS is a Dog ! A Nice Dog 😀

  7. bladeimm says

    I try not to laugh at your pain. 😛 That Dobe was beautiful.

  8. Heavy Thinkers says

    @bladeimm Im sorry I am laughing at his pain LMFAO!!!!

  9. BKnuckles924 says

    @silentfades I have 4 Pitbulls & I've trained different attack styles with each. I've actually been sucessfull with this arm pit tactic which, in my opinon, works better if the subject is running away & the bite/hold is from the rear. A bite/hold of the arm pit or the fleshy area right below the armpit from the rear will bring even the most pain tollerant subject to the ground. I've taught 2 of them this. I've taught one of them the groin and the stomach area, & the other the face.

  10. BKnuckles924 says

    @silentfades The 1 I taught the face and neck has very high leaping ability so a 6' subject can still b standing. I've also taught one of them to go for the hand that is holding an object. For gun shot tollerance, I suggest starting with fire works. 1st use the small snap pops, but dont throw them @ the dog. Once they get used 2 that move up n type of fire works then eventually gun shots. I got my dogs 2 b able 2 b rt next 2 full 4th of July fireworks with out a flinch or change in behavior.

  11. BKnuckles924 says

    @silentfades Remember this with training a dog, especially when doing extreme training. In the dog world, play imitates real life so make training time like play time, keep it fun, keep a light, positive and down rt cheery attitude & DO NOT scold the dog for showing fear or resistance. Prasie them, even when they show fear so that they learn its not punishment that they r going thru & (depending on the dog) it should come around pretty fast.

  12. silentfades says

    @BKnuckles924 wow what great responses you give – THANK YOU VERY MUCH
    I have a fascination with dog training as my grandfather taught this in world war 2

    even years after the war he would tear up when he talked about his dogs – you sound
    like an incredible person and clearly your dogs are very lucky to have you as their master
    thanks once again

  13. BKnuckles924 says

    @silentfades Lastly, before training any protection or attack styles, SOCIALIZE your dog in heavily human congested enviroments & allow them to 1st LEARN human behavior and & the way humans interact. U DO NOT WANT a house pet with abilites to maime or kill with out 1st knowing when, why or where it should b done. I'm only suggesting this 2 u bcuz it is what I do/done on a regualr basis. Constant & continual socilization is also necessary if this is something u r training your house pet.

  14. BKnuckles924 says

    @silentfades I didnt mean to rt so much. I spend a humugs amount of time with my dogs. i do not consider my slef a professional trainer, I watch theses vids like everybody else. I grew up with dobies and gsds from my dad & eventually Pits. Pitbulls r very independant minded & 2many people train attack commands with out shwign them that all people arent a problem. Check out my page if u can.

  15. PatrickStarBeats says

    lol@ need more padding next time

  16. Karina Westburg says

    LOVE IT!

  17. abdallah shanawani says

    can a GR be trained in protection any ideas how thank you so much plz respond

  18. JumpSnipingQS says

    how old is your dog ?

  19. Mr. Putin says


  20. brian wan says


  21. Alejandro Rodriguez says

    ahhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiit! awesome german shepherd 🙂

  22. FroggyStyle says

    doberman was going for the face

  23. Mani la catalane66 says

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhiiiiiiiitttttt

  24. JoEnUtZ23 says

    Doberman is superior to the german shepard

  25. 민윤기위독한 says

    that doberman is like i belive i can fllly

  26. Tristan S says

    Can that be a Doberman first damn

  27. Nhlanhla Makhanya says

    I like this dog doberman. I think I must buy two of them. I have a boer bull he is so cute and l love him.

  28. Douglas Borgaro says

    It is a travesty that American efforts to make the perfect family companion may have watered down the American version of Doberman. The Doberman's efforts in WWII immortalizes the dog as perhaps one of the very best.
    Today with the trend of breeding and resulting misinformation and image problems, perhaps the truth will never be known. At least by the American public. Despite what many will tell you, the true Doberman has earned its place in history, as one of the great tactical service dogs. The real Dobe has a more powerful bite then the GSD, is a faster runner, has a keen sense of smell and sight, and is every bit as intelligent as the GSD, if not more so.

  29. Jordan says

    um this is a german shepherd

  30. جريدة الدستور العراقي الجديد says


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