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  1. familydobes says

    ouch! Don't try that at home

  2. schwene2 says


  3. Anthony Baugh says

    Want children…. Unlucky!

  4. phil lane says

    Ha ha, I got a 120lb bullmastiff pitbull cross when his tail starts going… watchout right at bag level!

  5. townbythetown says

    great dog this is fuckin hilarious . Dobies have a mind of their own and if their not trained right they will produce comedy like this! I love dobermans they're the best all around breed in my mind!

  6. boxerbart says

    This is what happens when you get a woman to train your dog.

  7. familydobes says

    Or maybe you don't know the whole story,the handler failed to follow instruction. The dog was trained to suit bite, not sport bite, but they wanted a video schutzhund style biting. At the time the dog was also having trouble with his hind legs and could not stand up on the rear legs alone, or jump, so his reach was comprimised. The handler was told to hold the line tight so I knew where the end of line was you can clearly see her reach forward with the leash giving the dog the extra room.

  8. familydobes says

    Just because the handler doesn't follow instructions doesn't make the decoy and idiot, you need to come work some dogs at my place and see if you can work every dog perfectly without ever getting hurt. Either you have never trained, or you are very Naive. Every decoy gets hurt sometimes regardless of how good they are. Those bite marks taught me to never trust a handler 🙂

  9. Donald Flores says


  10. kelvs alarts says

    ho oi? what is that!!yeh man was that hurt!! your yagbull was bitten!!

  11. Eugene Ramirez says

    ha ha, that is too funny!

  12. Abz yeh says

    never thought i'd see a DOG neuter a HUMAN for a change, lol

  13. Ravinder Sidhu says

    That could not have been any closer.. lol

  14. Max Suñer says

    "handlers" mistake

  15. dready187 says

    poor handling not funny

  16. Crusade007 says

    and you have to expect the dog to go at any sec.. Gaurd your Balls !! you should know better .. to Close to a new dog

  17. HK91PTR says

    The good old fashioned crotch bite…puts 'em down every time

  18. JackKangaroo1 says

    Smart dog…..he's not going for the damn padded arm, he's gonna hit this guy WHERE HE LIVES!!!

  19. BobanSN says

    damn this is scary move ! If you are male thief and get caught in dog's bite range omfg!!

  20. dinkthestink123 says

    why would you not wear a cup? all those fangs and crazy paws flying around.. respect what god gave ya bruh.

  21. Donna Peters says


  22. DeathlyArrows says

    @dehbee lol

  23. AmberKN says

    Its effective…no one is going to rob someone where the dogs bite for the groin

  24. DeadlyChinchilla says

    Hahahaa! Dirty biter! Gotta watch out for those when training. >_<

  25. FilmerOfBobcats says

    Do decoys typically wear a cup? Maybe they should!

  26. Brendon Jones says

    thats what there bred for and they do an awesome job

  27. familydobes says

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  28. Stifsim6 says

    @blackeye240 …How do you figure? The agitator wasn't black…

  29. iRainbowUnicorn says

    You gotta admit.. that IS a smart dog for going for such a sensitive area considering he's protecting.

  30. ShadowClone1989 says

    We used to have a Dobermann bitch called Dolar.
    Smart dog, knows where to attack for the most effective results!

  31. winrx says

    Doesn't it make more sense to have the girl and guy reverse roles for "training" purposes at least??lol

  32. LOKISlog7 says

    " He heard: "Chopper; Sick Balls"

  33. Debbie Allen says

    😱:-). Whoops, entertaining to say the least!

  34. Jake Ayres says

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