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Doberman Does Tricks Part II


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Doberman Doggie training
Hello and thanks for watching! Below is some info on how I taught my dog his tricks. Please let me know if you have any specific questions I am happy to help if I can!

Everyone is asking how I taught my dog so here is a little bit about him.
My dobe learned a whole bunch of tricks at 4 months after that he slowed down considerably!!! Now he’s 5 and half years old. 29 inches tall at the shoulder and 90 pounds. Get yours fixed and don’t make any more homeless animals please! There is no reason to breed any dogs when there are so many that need to be adopted!

How to train your dog:
Let’s say you want him to kiss you. You say gimme a kiss, you kiss him on the nose and then you say “good boy” and hand him a treat. You repeat this a couple times a day for like 4 to five days. Then you slowly stop moving forward to kiss him and either meet him half way or he will bend forward to kiss you and then get the praise and treat. Then you get to the point where you stop moving and he does all the work!

It’s the same for shake and everything. To make him shake you say “shake” you reach down and grab his paw raise it up in your hand and shake it up and down. Then let it go say good boy and give him a treat! Pretty soon he will understand that his paw needs to be in your hand and he will get it. But you have to repeat it a couple times a day for like 5-7 days before you even start to modify the trick for him to do some of the work. For the double kiss it’s the exact same thing. You say the word then you kiss him on both cheeks and then you say good boy and give him the treat!

So you get it!!! It’s easy and soon he will have “learned how to learn” and he will pick up the tricks even faster once he understands that you expect him to do something for the treat!!! Good luck I hope this works. Just remember to be patient and allow him time to learn what is expected.
Good Luck!!!!!

Potty Training is a must!!!

yes yes yes!

How to get your dog to tell you when he needs to go to the bathroom.

You make him do something and then say “do you want to go out”. Consistently every time and then he will do that behavior when he needs to go out.

Here is what I did. I made my dog kiss me when he needs to go out.

How to train:

you grab his nose and shove it into your cheek then you look at him and say “do you want to go out?” then you take him out. You do this every time BEFORE you take him out and soon enough he will come over and poke your cheek when he needs to go out.

Works like a charm! Some people use bells on the door but I don’t like that because if you are in another room or at a friends house the bells will not work. so pick something like making him lie down at your feet or sit in front of you and make him do that… say do you want to go out and then take him out. He will catch on that those things need to happen in a series to get to go out!

here’s a 3.5 month old pup doing tricks:

  1. DobbieLover says

    Thanks for watching!!!

  2. Ookami inazuma says

    >.< i wanna hug your dog HUG YOUR DOG FOR ME

  3. ryan cooper says

    i can die for that doberman .

  4. HypermaxZ says

    I friggen' love dobermans with all my manly heart

  5. SaraKristin1 says

    I'm torn between a doberman and a little dog when I get to that point in my life. I know I'm getting a dog. I grew up with one. But I am so torn! Being a typical woman I've always wanted a small dog. But over the summer I've really fallen in love with the doberman. They're unlike any dog I've ever met! Like a person! But they're a lot of work. Gosh, I don't know!

  6. xRustBucketx says


  7. DarkfirePaw says

    What a handsome doberboy you have!

  8. DobbieLover says

    Thank You!!!!!

  9. DarkfirePaw says

    You're very welcome! He looks like such a sweetie! What breeder did you buy him from?

  10. DobbieLover says

    sorry but my dog was actually a gift from a friend. If you're looking to find a Doberman I recommend checking out all the rescue groups. And if not and you insist on a puppy try going to some American Kennel Club all breed dog shows and talking to reputable breeders. please remember to always stay or neuter your dog.

  11. DarkfirePaw says

    Oh ok. Thanks for the info! 🙂

  12. DobbieLover says

    You are welcome. Thanks for watching. Please read my info under this video. Hit the "show more" tab.

  13. DarkfirePaw says

    I already have. 😀

  14. DobbieLover says


  15. pew pew laser beams says

    doberman are so elegant. 

  16. manecca chadha says

    let me be also your good boy

  17. Champ675 says

    Very smart dog.
    Well Trained.

  18. eaglezfan2093 says

    So awesome!!! I want a doberman so badly! 

  19. recklessgirl00 says

    Awwww this is so cute and awesome !! Really wish I could train my Dobermans like this ! I just havent been able to train them properly and they just dont listen and bark unnecessarily and my neighbours always complain ZZzzz Will try these with them guess its not too late 😉

  20. peyton f says

    How did you train him like this? I need to know! 😛

  21. stefan feigenbaum says

    Congrats!Beautiful dog,a greatly trainned.I think there is no other dog breed who combine beauty,elegance and power like the dobie.I wish one since i was 15… 

  22. RepentOrPerishInHell says

    WOW! thats great!!

  23. caveymoley says

    can you please show how you did the ciao darling kiss kiss? i live in france and would love to have this in the book of tricks

  24. Keigirl says

    I wish you were here helping me train my little Yorkie! Love the ciao trick! He's too gorgeous!

  25. sime jovanovski says

    simply amazing but not at all surprised these beautiful loving pets are the best companion a person can have.
    I had one and would not hesitate in getting one or recommend in anyone wanting to have these intelligent dogs and to top it off AUSTRALIA is the best climate for Dobermans winter 5 to 20 degrees and summer 10 to 30  degrees .
    A big warm greetings to all of our AMERICAN friends from AUSTRALIA.

  26. Kk Kk says

    Oh my gosh, I'm in love. He's so handsome. 🙂

  27. dready187 says

    Beautiful. Nice head neck top line and stable temperament.

  28. DobbieLover says

    Hello Everyone,  Thanks for watching my videos.  Please lets try and keep comments positive please.  Thank you.

  29. Gregg Sinini says

    "Awesome is the only word I can come up with"!! 

  30. Angel Simone says


  31. moofushu says

    I'm so amazed and a little disturbed by your video. I just realized my wife has been "training" me since about three months after we met. I'm going to have a long talk with her someday.

  32. Dom says

    is there a differences between the European and American doberman? I heard the European doberman is bigger and have a more box shape head.

  33. zeldadu09 says

    Marvelous video! Just had one question: how does he manage to get the food out of your hand without biting your fingers? He seems to be lunging into your hand for it and it looks rather difficult to feed him without getting accidentally bitten.

  34. Paul Sop says

    You've done a great job training for sure!

  35. Listen Up says

    I watched this thinking cute but my Dobes know all these tricks…. Until the one where he kissed her cheeks European style!!! Haha Awesome!!! 👍
    I may have to steal that one for my dogs to learn!!

  36. Mathew Varghese says

    excellent trainings

  37. Grimstnzborith Brisingr says

    Beutiful dog you got, ma'am. Smarter than mine will ever be… It seems I always get the dumb ones. My Labador (died at the age of 15 shortly after a quite volient spasm), though the one closest to me, was smart but stupid at the same time and my Bassett Hound is the dumbest of them all.

  38. Thi Ta says

    How did you get him to speak? I have a 3 year old Doberman that I would love to teach this trick too.

  39. Concepcion N. Hernandez says

    hahah me too i want to be

  40. Gary Peters says

    The Doberman has no equals as it is the only dog bred for personal protection and a smart family pet too. But the trainer is providing way too much treats and the dog will become treat dependent which is a bad thing. Please upgrade your training for the sake of the dog as weening dogs from treat based performance is basic.

  41. warmlandlass1 says

    heart-stopping beauty ~ what is/was his name? I've had 3 beautiful dobermans ~ your Dobie would be 12+ yrs old now? I don't if I heard the name Paolo or not . . .

  42. Michael Harris says


  43. Diamondmind50 says

    that rocks!! mine is a redbone and she steals roasts off the table when u aren't looking. funniest I ever had

  44. Barron Goldsmith says

    girls are crazy

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