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Doberman Female “Molly” 5 2/3 Mo’s Puppy Training Super Dog Prufenpuden Bloodlines!!!


Protection Dog Sales is the largest provider of home raised personal protection dogs in the world. Our dogs are born and raised in our care. They grow up in real homes with families and not in a kennel. Therefore, our dogs are highly socialized and ready for everyday life with our clients.

  1. pavle jakic says


  2. pavle jakic says

    i want to buy a dog with program build a beast i want male dog which is friendly,familiy protection,loves kids,athletic(energetic),knows tricks like spin,sit… and when i am walking with him i want him to go right next to me.I like to play with dogs and walk out with them.Which breed should i take and what is the price point for it.Please contact me through you

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