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For Jayda the Doberman, there’s only one thing better than a fun day at the park: Nap time!

At the Daily Puppy, the name says it all. We love puppies of all shapes, sizes, and colors and need a regular dose of cuteness. In this video series for eHow Pets, we’re putting puppy pictures in motion.

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  1. Victoria U says

    Beautiful Dobie, hideous choke chain……

  2. Sinanjuicy says

    I believe it's a pinch collar.

  3. Victoria U says

    I believe it's unnecessary.

  4. Sinanjuicy says


  5. Saskia Koppejan says

    I agree! Cut some of the owners ears and other bodyparts. If they want to do it to a dog, owner first!

  6. Robert Weston says

    Try the pinch collar on yourself you retard!

  7. Rebecca Gillespie says

    wash your mouth out….oh it is fine to slap the human huh….be consistent at least….these collars when used properly are fine…sure you have no experience with Dobs …u most likely think a spanking is child abuse.

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