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Doberman Pinscher Checks Pregnant Bully, Instagram Live Video Incident


Pregnant Bully Puts hand on Doberman Pinscher, Dog Dominance inside dog park, Male sberian Husky Krypto and I First live stream on Instagram surrounded by females, Boxer, bully, doberman follow me at @kze_Production for dogpark videos ECT. No dogs were hurt just dog behavior

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Welcome to my channel!. I own a Crazy Siberian Husky. It started when he was a little Husky Puppy. The goal of this channel is for us to meet every dog breed possible!. I Try and capture my Husky Howling but he’s to majestic I guess. Think of this channel as a Husky 101 With everything you sometimes should not do. Huskies are an extremely unique breed . Talking is a big factor in a video. Thats why I’m here!


    do live on YouTube

  2. Lesslie Beaza says


  3. Kayla Devan says

    Honestly I would go on Instagram but…I don't have one😂😂😂I literally have no social media

  4. caitlynツ says

    Early finally😂

  5. Nelly M says

    sup bro i saw your live

  6. caitlynツ says

    I love that bully😍 I have one myself and he's miagi blood

  7. Keyarah Adams says

    nice vid

  8. Bambi TheHeeler says

    Ayyy i was the little dude ur a huge inspiration to me i hope to one day be like u ur awesome thanks for the shoutout I wondered what u were doing with ur phone😂

  9. Kealan Cullen says

    hey my dog is 9 months on the 23rd and he's all ready 96 pounds but he doesn't look it and I walk him 3 times A day and he is still highper any suggestions and I'm getting reported the hole time cas he's huge like I said he's 96 pounds and 33 inches tall any advice



  11. ツJavae says

    That Pitbull be lifting weights

  12. Humberto Cruz says

    Pit bulls an bullys are two different dogs

  13. Ricky 123 says

    good video keep it up

  14. Frosch says


  15. Roselyn Prieto says

    wish I can be there but I don't have Instagram or Twitter I deleted Instagram

  16. Qwops O' Pops says

    I love your videos and your doggos.

  17. DudeisAwesome says

    damn, i really need to create an instagram account man so i can support/watch you 😀

  18. Be Jeweled says

    Ayy! I was there! I couldn't see the whole thing tho cuz for some reason it would freeze! Should definatly do it again tho👌🏼

  19. Klarisa Colja says

    tf y didn't instagram notify me you were live 😑

  20. Connor Haldenby says

    Dat rat where is he

  21. The amazing Pumpkin says

    Do you think a dog would eat a raisin brand cookie

  22. Antoino Velasquez says

    sky is chico's bby girl

  23. Kat Vanegas says

    When was this live?

  24. Connor Haldenby says

    ur dogs are so cute and fluffy

  25. terv_renkylo Insta says

    Dang She got checked fr….

  26. Twilight Plays says


  27. L3sli3 says

    💖👍 couldn't see it I left my phone at home and I was at hurricane harbour😣💓❤

  28. Chloe Cullen says

    #qna how do u stop ur dog pulling on the lead

  29. Jbarraza 91 says

    Hey I'm nine I'm live in pico Rivera I'm looking to a bye a baby's husky that is like kripto how much do you think that cost and can you tell me your Instagram I'm new but I watch all your videos already and hopefully you read this comment and respond:)

  30. VictoriaTheHorseGirl says

    Poor girl 🐶😢

  31. VictoriaTheHorseGirl says

    Btw where is da rat he is so darn cute 🐶

  32. Brian Diaz says

    im from where your from

  33. PIP says

    my dog licks his penis then licks my mouth and I get horney

    JK!!!! it's just a prank, or is it???

  34. Lps Galaxy says

    That's cool her name is sky and my name is skye

  35. Chubby Panda says

    what's your instagram

  36. Ky's World says

    Have you seen an akita at the dog park yet?

  37. Esra Bonner Atadeniz says

    Ur dogs r cute and fluffy

  38. Andrea Bush says


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