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Doberman Pinscher Dog In Mumbai, India | Tail Docking & License Info


Met Vaibhav at Eastern Express Highway Near Kanjurmarg, Mumbai while I was on my way to the office. Saw him taking a stroll with his black Doberman pinscher dog and thought of speaking with him to get some info. Vaibhav told us about the license one needs to keep Doberman as pet and we also talked about tail docking. he said the Doberman Pinscher dogs were available for sale with his friend from where he bought this.

  1. Mohd. Yusuf says


  2. Mohd. Yusuf says

    first to watch again

  3. Mohammed Naqvi says

    Bhai alburaq ke saare part complete hogaya kya

  4. salman mk says


  5. mohd sannan says

    Bro u have awesome voice and wonderful communication skills. The content which you have choosen to make the videos is different and unique even on YouTube there is many channels on animals but you are awesome.

  6. Ddashra Dashra says

    Xbrdast bro had krtaii ho ap really I like your style your confidence mash Allah keep it up bro.

  7. Ddashra Dashra says

    Es waqtt jab kaam sai aata hoon tho fresh honai aor nemax sai farigh honai k baad pehla kaam aapke videos daikna hota hai.

  8. nida chaudhary says

    The dog is so obident👌Ur Camera quality of every video is superb👍Which camera do you use?

  9. Basit Anjum Khatib says

    Fahad bro Amazing your video,camera,and your conversation

  10. Salim Patel says

    I am a Dog lovers but tell you one thing your video is awesome 👍👍👍

  11. Khan Kaira says

    Everyone says dogs are much more obedient and love their owners alot but I have same experience for cats also i hve my male cat Tiger he is with me from last three years and now he his well trained and just love 😊

  12. Amaam Chouhan says

    Plz send 1st group link plz

  13. Technology Boss says

    Show us your face sir we want to see you your all videos are great

  14. Suman Mistri says

    Make this kind of videos more on dog breeds with their owners…appreciate a lot 🙂

  15. Lokesh Kumar Sahu says

    It is not Doberman pinscher

  16. Roland L.Nongbri says

    is ear cropping a dobe is illegal in india

  17. A k says

    16000 seriously. I bought my female Doberman for rs.4500.
    And every time I go to vet he keeps on asking me the breeder's contact. So you can tell how much pure bloodline she has.
    BTW my friend breeds only Doberman and my dog's mom works in Mumbai Bomb squad.

  18. Sanjit Gupta says

    That’s a rotterman

  19. Sneha Mohite says

    Want to buy a doberman…so would uh b providing ur. No as if I can contact uh

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