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DOBERMAN PUPPIES!! Seven 7-week old Doberman PUPPIES on their first swimming adventure


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  1. Acerkeel Drawz says


  2. Vintage Moss says

    cuteness overload alert!!!!!!!!!!

  3. KillaCommieFerMommie says

    Hahaha. .. Those is some spoiled little puppies right there ♡

  4. Joann Smith says

    This video should have been much longer…too cute to be so short! 😀

  5. Jabba's Palace says

    all that's missing is little puppy size swimies

  6. romail100 says

    Can anyone identify the music score ? Marvellous music.

  7. Micha Wierts says

    i wish my 2 year old dobie was still a pup but he still acts like a pup xD

  8. Everything Bro's says

    Are you sellin this puppies

  9. Katie Smith says

    Omg I'm getting a dobie tomorrow they is soooo cute

  10. Nicholle Messer says

    how much?

  11. Geo dash Gaming says


  12. Geo dash Gaming says

    I'm getting a doberman 🙂

  13. Geo dash Gaming says

    Pls do a video on dachshunds because I have them

  14. Gabriela Alvarez says

    Follow my pup on insta:

    I love doberman

  15. Cherine Kemm says

    These are the best dog breeds ,Doberman,
    People just do not understand how to train them,,and decepline them..
    Their intelligence,,is beyond words.

  16. ksir says

    Look at those big feet! They’re definitely going to grow into those and be some big Dobbies.

  17. Aomine Daiki says

    In how many weeks should i start bathing my doberman puppy?

  18. David Moore says

    I’ll take all of them.

  19. Slavic Brotherhood says

    Sooooooooooooo cute

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