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  1. Jacobs says

    That's cute

  2. Littleman 32 says

    It sounds like a sports car haha lol

  3. Colin P says

    I'm telling you now,if a Doberman was truly angry you wouldn't be alive to tell the story

  4. Candlehead says

    One day, you may catch him/her in the wrong mood at the wrong time… then you will truly be sorry. It is not unusual for owners to think they "know" their dog and then get attacked by them. Sometimes killed. Yes, most dogs like this one are very well trained, but do not forget, they are animals nonetheless.

  5. Malachi The Minecraft Legend Robbins says

    the other dog is like this is enjoyable

  6. Jas Jassy says

    I've had Dobermans, my advice is to stop the growling from pup… your giving him an inch, eventually he'll take a mile! all breeds need to know when they have crossed a line, before it becomes a problem.

  7. Brawl Senpai says

    this intro is so funnu

  8. Tiger Girl says

    wow this isn't good to teach ur dog. biting is bad. he's gonna soon nip and someones face to think hes playing. won't be good. this dog shouldn't be around babies. ur just teasing ur dog. just letting u know

  9. Cresencio Garcia says

    Aww, i hope the dog is still alive

  10. Harry S. says

    we have had 3 dobermans .the 2nd one I used to play with and her teeth scratched me many times.when she used to bite a little to hard I would say awch and act like it hurt.she then learnt how hard to bite me without hurting and she was well aware what bite force was exceptable.she had a heart attack at the age of 5 years old.she was always with me and we were the best of friends.I trusted her with my life .I really miss her.she used to smile which looked like she was angry .she never bit anyone .dobermans are a beautiful ,loyal,loving breed.

  11. Marksman24444 says

    He needs some training…

  12. Adinath Thorat says

    if you bevahe like this, then dog surely act like mad…

  13. tolfan ftw says

    I play with my dodie the same way. Growling snarling lips curled snapping , I stop her by putting hand in her mouth

  14. Jodh singh says

    Doberman is best dog

  15. Ordonity says

    The difference between a good dog and a bad dog is how they attack/play with their owners and other dogs. As seen in the video when the Doberman attacks it's owner it does so playfully and is making noise more than it's actually Biting Down. Most good dogs just make a lot of noise so it sounds like they're doing damage by growling loudly

  16. Andy Spickard says

    Your teasing that poor dog, when it bites you or someone else just remember you taught this behavior !

  17. Dank mini Moon says

    I love dobies sm!

  18. Nickolai Brutus says

    Dog 1: Rrrrraaarrghh
    Dog 2: Yo whats going on here?
    Dog 1: Rrrrraaarrrghhh
    Dog 2: Dude?
    Dog 1: … nothing
    Dog 2: Bite my mom and I will destroy you.
    Dog 1: … K

  19. Meowy mcMeowface says

    too short! he's so cute <3

  20. Andrew Hajik says

    You must remain alpha dog

  21. Dennis Morris says

    I luv my dobie girl

  22. Dennis Morris says

    They do pout and act sad alot.

  23. Andrew Johnson says

    this was pretty foolish

  24. Nelson Lobo says

    Not good thing. You cannot read a dog's mind. One day it just might be different.

  25. Greg Cobb says

    Love the Dobe. My Siren plays just like that. Best breed hands down.



  27. m dane says

    my doberman does this too when playing. all of my dobermans have. to many people panic over this. Dobermans do not growl or bark before they attack. They just attack. This is playful behavior.

  28. Pax et Bonum says

    … he looks vicios and Beautiful

  29. Stephen A says

    I cannot believe what I am seeing. They are taunting the Domerman and he is not playing. I hope they have no children becuause one be become dinner soon. The are one chromosone away from a Mastiff and are up there with the Rotty as the most unpredicatble breeds on earth. The only breed to come close is the Alsation and pitbull. The Alsation is also one chromosone from a wolf.

  30. Florine Fuller says

    I be doing my uncle dog like that lol

  31. prosimulate says

    Ummm Plan B is…?

  32. Timmy Flaherty says

    At this point, you should be very clear that God is doing everything. The dog is a conscious soul with impulses and feelings (no thinking) and God is aware of these impulses and fulfills them by moving all of the muscles etc. Now imagine an infinite universe full of conscious life. Now understand this Supreme Infinite Power is about to rip you to pieces for your sin.

  33. Travis DuBose says

    None of mine have ever growled at me . Had Dobies all my life have three now. I am not saying it's bad but I wouldn't let my lil girl act like that.

  34. Gilbert Craven says

    Nope! Asking for trouble.

  35. centervilletn says


  36. Lance Garman says

    you are teasing him and he is playing with you. any dog will act the same. he is a fun dog. if you want to, you can stop that behavior in a heartbeat by changing your own.

  37. Brent Sapp says

    I love that intro 😆

  38. Marleen Preiss says

    that's exactly what my Dobie does LOL!

  39. Meysyx says

    My doberman is the sweetest, most gentle dog me and everyone who meets him has ever seen. He never growls while playing, never showed anyone his teeth. You can touch his food while eating and he won't mind. He even eats better if you're there with him, hugging him all along while he's enjoying his meal. If you want to give him food (for example, bread), he grabs it in a very gentle way by default, but if you tell him to be even more gentle, he won't even try to grab it with his teeth, he'll just try to lick it in hopes it'll stick to his tongue so he can munch on it without even touching his hand <3

  40. thors blot says

    Agony trolls. In every single animal video. Everytime. Like an invasive noxious weed or something.

  41. 1badhaircut says

    Playing. They are so smart they understand how to act.

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