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Doberman Puppy Training “Envy” Clicker Training Protection Dogs For Sale


The grandmother of our current stock of Doberman puppies. Filmed in 2006.

She was 10 week old Doberman puppy learning to focus and communicate. She went on to get multiple titles and is still going strong in 2015.

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  1. Azat Badalyan says

    yeah im pretty amazed!! this guy has some talent… expet for that annoying noise the thing in his hand keeps mkaing!!!!!

  2. David Harris says

    Once the behavior is trained I switch to verbal cues and the clicker is unnessary. I will bring it out to work on a new behavior from time to time, but it's rare to use a clicker once the dog is trained. It's just unnessary the same as the leash and collar become unnessary if the training is correct. No clicker, no food, no collar. I like my dogs naked!

  3. Terri lynn Casola says

    well thank you alot. I have been debating on what method i would like to use, and the dependancy issue was the only thing holding me back from clicker training.

  4. Bayar Nyam says

    whats the clicker for anyways?

  5. David Harris says

    The clicker is just a noise maker. It can be use to help communicate very accurately what behavior you want the dog to repeat. Watch the video again and you wil notice I click when I see a correct response to my signals.

  6. David Harris says

    Watch at around 53 seconds and see me use the clicker to communicate to her that sitting is correct and laying down is no the correct response.

  7. David Harris says

    Dog training is about communication. Good timing = good communication. It is very hard to get a treat to the dog at EXACTLY the right moment in time to communicate what earned the puppy the reward. But, once you have conditioned a sound to be associated with a reward then that sound can be used to enhance your communication.

  8. roncadello says

    How can you loose all that time and foods around that ugly and dirty stupid beast. Take it and put it in the trash!!

  9. David Harris says

    Are you talking about me or the puppy? It's ok to insult me, but thems fighting words if your insulting my dog 😉 Thanks for the laugh. I appreciate it. Sorry you live in a place where food is scare and your choices are limited.

  10. David Harris says

    Well finally someone figured out this video is fake. The video is really of a horse being riden by an Albanian named roncadello. Good work Albo Boo Boo. Your a real genius.

  11. David Harris says

    Well said Albokiddie. You have proven all my points in your well written, eloquent response.

  12. sakatsiki says

    hey man!nice training!mine(1year and a half old) is agressive with people he doesnt know in the house and with some outdoors.he has been socialized with people when he was a puppy but now i am afraid to have contact with those that he doesnt know because he attacked a friend of mine that he had met before.plz how can i stop that?(sorry for my english)

  13. David Harris says

    E-mail me privately and I will try to help. canine services dot com is my website

  14. David Harris says

    Males are more territorial over property and space. Females are more territorial over their family and kids.

  15. David Harris says

    I have a PHD from the SOE University. Thanks for asking. Four years at O.S.U. studing Amimal Science, Two years at West Virginia Canine College helped things along, but the real education has been twenty plus years of actual experience handling 100 plus dogs per day.

  16. David Harris says

    It's fine to have two dogs, but I would not recommend starting two puppies at the same time. The pups will bond to each other unless you work hard to avoid it and not bond as strongly to people as they would normally.

  17. David Harris says

    8122556 of course they could bite. All dogs could bit. Will likely bite is the real question. Are Dobies more likely to bite than other dogs? No. Are they easy to make mean and unstable as compared to a Labrador? Yes. Dobies are smart and learn behaviors (good & bad) faster than some other breeds. A good trainer or experience yourself will go a long way towards having a good dog as an adult.

  18. David Harris says

    For anyone interested in buying a Doberman puppy I would highly recommend researching the breed. They are a unique breed and not for everyone. Even more importantly you must buy quality. An average or poor quality Doberman will cause you much heartache. Both health and temperment are big issues.

  19. David Harris says

    Yes, she is a robot. Poor thing has no mind left. Want to see her bite work now that she is all grown up? Check the linked video response.

  20. David Harris says

    It was the stupid comment about making the pup a robot that got the reply. She is obviously no robot. And yes you can use positive reinforcement to solve certain bad behaviors. But, I prefer a balanced approach to training using both positive and negative reinforcement to get a dog that works happy and works consistent. I have fixed hundreds of neurotic and aggressive dogs with my approach over the years and they went on to live happy lives as robots 🙂

  21. David Harris says

    Sounds like you have a failure to communicate. How old is your dog?

  22. David Harris says

    Hard to argue with success. I have posted my baby puppy working and I have posted her as a young adult working. I have used food and a clicker, a firm no here and there. One upper cut for biting the hell out of me. A pinch collar twice and an e-collar for excessive barking a time or two. She is a lovely dog by anyone's standards and works well. Not quite as good as a robot, but pretty good and is a very happy dog who loves her daddy. How is that for balance training?

  23. David Harris says

    I agree it's not needed. But, certainly helps in the right hands. I have trained dogs professionally for twenty five years. Titled well over one hundred. Titled seventeen different pure breeds. Even a PGVG! I am telling you done rigth the clicker is quicker for teach a new behavior to a puppy. If it wasn't I sure as heck wouldn't use it. Training is no hobby for me. I make my living with it and do extremely well.

  24. David Harris says

    I would be happy to. A good road trip sounds like fun. And any day training a Dobe is a good day.

  25. David Harris says

    Take him everywhere you go, feed him from your hand, keep him on leash even in the house, don't leave him unsupervised even for a minute and teach him what you expect and what you won't tolerate from day one. Be consistent and he will learn regardless of your skill level at training. Dobes are smart and willing. And don't under estimate his ability. He will live up to your expectations so set them high.

  26. mbowman4 says

    im interested in getting a dobe but unsure about the ear cropping and at what age the ears will finally stand. Im just curious when you had his/her ears cropped and how old he/she is now.

  27. David Harris says

    She is a year and half old now. Ears were done at eight weeks and stood alone without taping by twelve weeks. It was so simple, took almost no effort and she looks beautiful with her ears up. If I wanted floppy ears I would get a hound dog 🙂

  28. David Harris says

    Despite the debate Envy was ten weeks old in this video. I had taken the braces off her ears to see their progress and they stood perfectly for a few days and then one started to sag slightly so I put the braces back on for another week and that was that.

  29. David Harris says

    It is not illegal in the US.

  30. David Harris says

    Actually I bought her after the ears were cropped, but your point is well taken. I would not have bought a dobe with flop ears. I don't care for the look. A hound with cropped ears would still be a hound. I was after the temperment as much as the look. It's a package deal. I own an American Fox Hound and love her floppy ears.

  31. David Harris says

    I have said for years that someone should start breeding for prick ears, but that would take many, many generations and would look terrible in the transition. Perhaps genetic manipulation in the future will solve this problem.

  32. ginger kahn says

    I live in Germany and it's forbidden to crop the ears. So now you see young ones with floppy ears + wire tail. They look like something out of a 50's cartoon. (Goofy) Looks cute but belies their intelligence. They do have a great temperment, very stable and gentle, which most people dont realize because they look intimidating. Didn't realize the ban was just in Germany. But the Germans are a bit touchy about that look now, for obvious reasons.

  33. David Harris says

    Clicker training is always effective if done correctly. Age will not matter. But, at this age I would start to combine it with some light leash and collar work. Google search clicker training and you will find tons of info. Good luck.

  34. Jorge Aparicio says

    how do u teach the dog how to speak or bark

  35. David Harris says

    Thank you. She grew up to be an exceptional dog and is now working towards some working titles.

  36. David Harris says

    There is a big difference in teaching and training. This pup is just learning. Had she known better I would not have repeated and I would not have given a treat. But, as she is just learning we want to keep it fun. I wanted her to enjoy the training session and believe in her ability. Now that she is a trained adult I never repeat a command and she would get correct for non-compliance. She is now trained to perform those behaviors regardless of her mood or distractions.

  37. zmkaye says

    my dobie is very loving and a wonderful family pet, but we never trained her to do any tricks as a puppy. she is 2 now so is mid-adolescent, and acting a bit like a stroppy teenager. is it too late to train her to do these tricks? also the roll over thing: she physically can't do it! not just understanding the command, but actual rolling over seems hard for her. is that normal in a dobe?

  38. David Harris says

    Some tricks are easier to teach to a puppy than to an adult. You could get a child to get down and roll over easily just for fun, but it would be hard to get an adult to do the same behavior. Same with dogs. Older dogs don't think the roll over is so fun unless taught as a puppy. Your Doberman is still very trainable. You just need to use different methods than used with puppies.

  39. PewpewFighter says

    What does that clicky thing do?

  40. xXAmyXx says

    Aww, she is so cute and smart!

  41. Sarah Armstrong says

    Shes beautiful. im gettin one and want her/him to be really well trained because of what i do. When did you start training her? and also, how do you teach the "bark" command?

  42. bank80 says

    Good job constantly bribing your dog with food. rookies….

  43. David Harris says

    Depends on the dog. Some will react to a stearn look and some will respond well to leash and collar corrections. Some need a little crate time to get an attitude adjustment in line and some take a trip to e-collar town. In the end there will be no collar and no treats to get proper performance if you do it right. If my dogs are not naked when I am done training I feel that I have failed them.

  44. Archicize says

    smart little pup, very eager to learn and get that treat! It seems like you don't reward the dog for the last trick.

  45. Vitu says

    all dogs are trainable, especially dobermans… the problem is that some people aren't …

  46. k9partnership says

    not a proper use of a clicker – clicking without a primary/secondary reinforcer – some people use a "keep going signal" – you could argue that the reward is to get to do another behavior –

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