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  1. Greg Foulke says

    is that doberman mad or playing? Keeps engulfing the Westie's head with his big mouth

  2. Bilbo Baboon says

    I have a westie he's turning 11 soon…..I love him so much

  3. Bilbo Baboon says

    Notice how the Doberman stopped being annoying to the westie when he left, that's a sign of dominance. he wasn't trying to "play". you really should show the Doberman he's not the only dog living there….if not the Doberman could get aggressive and attack the Westie

  4. Teodora LOVE says


  5. Colleen Brennan says

    Dobermans are dumb arse stupid compared to Westies and dangerous, this is a low life person who filmed this.

  6. Meredith Rucker says

    Oh my goodness that dog is TOO rough for a Westie. I know you must love your animals but your Westie looks clearly uncomfortable.

  7. Blog World says


  8. Ester Morales says

    This is really sick to watch. You have no business owning a dog.

  9. Nicole Love says

    OMG the Doberman was literally slapping the Westie’s face at 0:42, then at 0:45 the westie was just looking out into the distance pondering over what just happened like “wth did you just do to me?” Lol 😂

  10. AdiL oSaFi says

    may he hurt him with playing

  11. Jaco TV says

    Ich habe eine Frage?wie geht es dem westie , kommt er klar mit dem Dobermann oder leidet er?

  12. Harvey the Cockapoo says

    Lmao this is not entertainment it's just horrible to watch. That poor Westie just wants some time alone while some dog much bigger than him is biting his face? Look no disrespect to the owner but maybe just be a bit more careful.

  13. PAUL R says

    this looks very dangerous. the doberman is clearly showing power here

  14. Joe Gusset says

    Man that Doberman would mess up that Westie they can't be playing together than paw almost knocked the Westie out if that was my Westie I'd smack that Doberman away from her

  15. ThatRandomPanda says

    Why face so Doberman a it bites westie

  16. SHELLEY BRADSHAW Bradshsw says

    This was disturbing to me, I think it was very cruel

  17. Mikel Gorostiza says

    Anoying Doberman and grumpy Westie. the new cartoon network series

  18. S H says

    This isn’t funny..

  19. H Pn says

    Your westie is an alpha..a strong one. He's not going to back off his spot. Dobie knows this. The westie will bite him … listen to dobie cry.
    My Westie did the same with an Akita! No lie
    It's not size…but attitude. Very stubborn breed.

  20. keith smith says

    Great video General. It amazes me how there are so many "dog experts" out there that think you are such a horrible owner. I see two dogs that are as close to being "brothers" as two dogs could be. If they were to be separated they would both be heartbroken and lost. They are lucky to have such a "lowlife person" to bring them together.

  21. Joe Gusset says

    That Doberman is no match for that westie this guy has no logic if that was my westie I’d slap this guy

  22. Agent says

    The doberman is trying his best not to kill the westie because he knows somebody is watching.. but in his mind he was saying, ‘Don’t you ever leave the two of us alone cause you’re gonna regret it’..

  23. KSAWU Pleyer says

    Fuck you men

  24. Jesus Cabrera says

    pour westie!

  25. molly mo says

    poor Westie…that Doberman is annoyed AF. Look at the paw gesture at 0:40, what an annoyance!

  26. Matthew Perttula says

    COME ON! I'm Board.

    Can you not, please….maybe?

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