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  1. Lawren BokChoy says

    Sweet, patient, and loving Doberman!

  2. Kids Toys and Joys says

    hehe this is so cute!!!! your dober is so sweet 🙂 lots of kisses 😀 cute toddler wants to eat too 😉 thumbs up!

  3. Rosykinz2112 says


  4. My Kawaii Family says

    Mmmm, yummy cows ear! (´艸`) I see they definitely give each other tit for tat!

  5. Fleurbelle says

    Haha my dog tries this trick xD

  6. Fia Blue says

    Yea the. Doberman Is the one that needs to share

  7. Melissa Marie says


  8. Hamsterallstars47 says

    So funny great editing as usual 😊

  9. СhildspTV says

    Ha ha:)

  10. Alexis Swindell says

    Aww this video is Adorable I loved it thank you for sharing.. 😋💕💚💜💙💛💕

  11. Lime Tube[라임튜브] says

    Doberman and toddler
    The combination of fantasy~~

  12. jCloudTV says

    Haha…they're too cute! Yeah, sharing is caring 🙂

  13. The Greers says

    They were so interested in each other's food, so awesome!!

  14. HappyTigerLily says

    Very nice dog. How old is the dog?  Also they are both adorable.

  15. katenmak says

    What a sweet dog and an even cuter baby 🙂 

  16. Daisy_ 16 says


  17. Nessy Beauty!!! says

    i loved it its so so so so cute there so cute together

  18. Fun Diplomat Channel says

    Lol Milo in stalking Mode!

  19. kylienash says

    Haha!!!!! So cute!!!! <3

  20. KIMYOKITTEN says

    Love watching them both:)

  21. SFG REVIEWS says

    Hilarious videos I love kids and dogs.
    So this melted my heart.

  22. Pauby Toys says

    So cuuute! 😀

  23. Samera Delcastillo says

    so cute!

  24. ♡Eden's Tokyo Life♡ says

    Awwwww! Thank You ! Thumbs up! 🙂

  25. iTs Jocelyn says

    Omg that is one big dog. I'm amaze at how gentle he is with the baby, especially when he was chewing on the toy.

  26. My Make up says

    This is so cute!

  27. Maryninka says

    Cute 🙂

  28. Mary S. says

    Oh my gosh. I just exploded from cuteness overload.

  29. Aspen Deal says


  30. Fun time with Gisha says

    funny and cool

  31. Ryan WF says

    Cow ear… I never give my dog those… not ever!!

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