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  1. FanTasY 4ever says

    How many times of potty does he make daily in this age ?

  2. Bruno the European Doberman says

    love this puppy zeus he will be big and he is so smart !HAIL ZEUS

  3. k ent shuster says

    He is huge for his age maybe a little to heavy!! Puppy do not need To be fat to be healthy they will grow into their genetic makeup in time without being overfed at a young age

  4. bazzalad2101 ! says

    He'd be about ten pounds heavier if you hadn't started hacking bits of him.

  5. Lauren says

    handsome boy! I think I post the ears a little closer together so theyre no too wideset at adulthood. All my pups ears were posted upright with a brace about halfway up to keep them at the right angle worked very well.

  6. m dane says

    he is so cute! definitely get him another doberman to play with. that way their energy will be matched to one another. i'll pray for ya having two dobbies in your house lol that's alot big lap dog to deal with lol

  7. Novice says

    nothing wrong with your dober giving you a pour btw…

  8. Gabriel Mallia says

    amazing dog 🙂 but he lacks some rough play thats why he nibs so much because he needs to play rough

  9. Alma Valeria Adams says

    How do I tell my mom I specifically want a European doberman (docked tail, cropped ears) without making her think I'm so picky?

  10. jim dandy says

    VERY handsome

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