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European Doberman Pinscher on Alert!


European Doberman Pinscher Zeus is on Alert when he spots neighbors near our yard and gets in protective mode. I learned several things during this situation and the end of the video is a Vlog about what I could have done differently.
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  1. k ent shuster says

    I thought he did great on the sit command and stayed for you to get there !! I always keep a leash in my pocket for safety reasons hes probably going to be 90 pounds soon LOL love the video!!

  2. Bruno the European Doberman says

    omg he is getting so big .Hail ZEUSE he is so perfect

  3. Bruno the European Doberman says

    lol he is smart

  4. Bruno the European Doberman says

    yes these dogs must be controlled .my bruno tried to bite a drunk guy walking behind me .i was not looking the guy almost got hurt.

  5. Das Doberman says

    good guard dogs .

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