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European Doberman Puppy is AMAZING! Aero in Training


Meet Aero! Aero is available through our elite Puppy Training Program. For more information on Aero or on our program, please visit our website at:

Aero is a gorgeous European Doberman Pinscher puppy with health tested, champion, and working bloodlines. Aero’s grandsire is a well known therapy dog (Dr. Troy), and Aero’s mother is an import from Spain. Both of Aero’s parents have well known European bloodlines and both are fully health tested. Aero is a very nice pup with a lot of potential. He would fit well in a family or working (therapy or family protection) home. Aero is already very accustomed to traveling and has spent hours traveling in the car going to various places. Aero does well with children and part of his training includes taking direction and commands from children as well as respecting their space. We instill preventative training methods so that our puppies are not aggressive with food or toys and are very respectful with people and other dogs around these things. Aero is receiving early bite training and development (which is a basic controlled tug of war game) which can be directed toward personal protection training in the future or can be used as a motivational game for training. It does not mean that Aero will have any sort of personal protection training. It also ensures that Aero has a thorough release command for toys. Aero is a very sweet and devoted boy with a moderate drive. He has the whole package of temperament and build and will make an amazing companion.

Dobermans are well known for their devotion to people and must be allowed to be part of the family circle in order for their needs to be fulfilled. When Dobies come from solid bloodlines and are well socialized as puppies, they can be happy, sociable, and well mannered dogs. Dobermans LOVE having a job and excel at obedience and other sporting trials.

Aero is¬†currently working on early obedience, kennel/potty training, leash training, impulse control, early bite development as well as bite inhibition (so he is respectful to family members and children). He is being exposed to children, loud noises and is being socialized with new people and other dogs, as well as extensive time traveling in the car. Aero comes with AKC registration, health record, vet check, information packet, and lifetime training support. Aero can be trained to a prospective owner’s specifications so contact us early to ask about this amazing boy.

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