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  1. Roger Roach says

    Look out for the left.

  2. racecar06 says

    Poor fox just wanted some food 😉

  3. Memory Rinehart says

    This looks like such a little fox–compared to the size of the cat! Is it a pup?

  4. Jason Hill says

    “Go ahead bitch make my day”

  5. stephon staglon says

    Kevin hart voice Some 1 come look @this .. look at this s#!+ right here..

  6. Redhead Knight says

    He was probably hungry :/

  7. Keyonna Davis says

    fox you are not in a wolf pack sorry

  8. AngelYoshi says

    Swiper No Swiper 💀

  9. james bullock says

    A big fox kill a cat in seconds

  10. T Barton says

    Nuff respect to the cat still

  11. Ricky spanish says

    A cat used to fighting would destroy the fox.

  12. Sofiane Umeghras says

    Cats always braves

  13. Edward Gaines says

    Jab, jab, jab!

  14. William Ingram says

    The Cat's jab game is on point

  15. Martin Nicodemus says

    dat one brave cat

  16. Dwyane S. says

    Looks like that fox was about to get those hands👊👊👊

  17. TheOtherMike says

    C'mon dude,  share.

  18. ana ruiz says

    the little fox is a cub. they dont interfere with cats and they both respect each other's eating patterns.

  19. Tee riff says

    Imagine if the fox had killed the kitty. how would ya feel then cameraman/woman??

  20. Carguy 2204 says

    wish a badger came up there and the cats tried to do the same lol..

  21. George Jacob says

    "Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting, That cat was fast as lightning!"

  22. John C. Holmes says

    Baby red fox

  23. NR says

    cats are selfish

  24. Warren Batiste says

    That right jab is wicked

  25. eshaud says

    That cat does this on the regular

  26. Mikoto Uchiha says

    YouTube recommended me a 5 year old video

  27. Александр Фокс says

    Вот кошара, жадная какая

  28. Ceno3000 says

    That cat got a mean jab 😂😂🤣

  29. Evan seymore says

    Fox be like you slow I'm just gonna leve

  30. GamerMads says

    Ugh The fox should of ate the cat

  31. PeterHyse92 says

    Cat : Don't come in.
    Fox : They're so scary!!!!!

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