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Gorgeous Doberman Female “Evie” Obedience Protection Trained Super Dog


What does it take to own a super dog? Planning, excellent breeding, early care and physical development, loving home life, early teaching, consistent training, understanding of the bloodline and when and when not to push, and experience. Our 3000 videos on youtube shows VAST experience with training and developing personal protection dogs for families. If you are interested in that then check out our awesome website and contact us for details on how you to can own your very own super dog.

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Training and Developing Protection Dogs. Giant Schnauzers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Malinois. Pictures, Prices $$$$$, video Links, Complete bio’s on all dogs for sale. Check it out. Great Website. Tons of free information on purchasing a protection dog. Pricing information, levels of training all explained.

  1. milkyflava says

    very cool love what you guys do keep up the awsome work.

  2. plastic beach says

    Your dogs certainly have the perfect mindset and ability, but I must ask why you breed American dobermans? European bloodlines tend to be much calmer, stronger, and easier to train- they also look much more badass than the American lines, which honestly look like greyhounds. Beautiful video nonetheless.

  3. abhishek Wavhale says

    i need a dog 🐶

  4. LISA SMITA says

    What is the price for each dog?

  5. Anon says

    ugh wish i could afford one of your dobes, maybe one day :,)

  6. Zachary Brown says

    She's an American doberman right?

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