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Housetraining a Doberman


Some dog breeds are easier than others to housetrain. If you are getting ready to adopt a puppy and want a dog that’s easy to train, a Doberman can be a great choice. In fact, housetraining a Doberman is so easy even inexperienced owners can do it. This breed consistently ranks high on intelligence tests, and while high intelligence in a dog can be challenging in some areas, it can make housetraining a breeze.

The Basics to Housetraining a Doberman

The key to housetraining a Doberman is consistency and positive reinforcement. You must begin the process the day you bring your puppy home. Repeated potty accidents is near the top of the list for reasons dogs are rehomed. To ensure that life with your new puppy is a great one, this article will outline key aspects to dog training. You don’t need fancy dog training classes, all you need is the knowledge you will find here. If you learn to follow these basic rules you will never have a problem housetraining a puppy.

Methods of Housetraining

  • Paper Training – This is a common method that is fairly simple. You buy puppy training pads and place them in the same area of your home each time. You then teach the puppy to potty there. As the puppy learns that the pads are to potty on, you can begin to gradually move the pad closer to the door. Do this small steps at a time, but your end goal will be to graduate your Doberman puppy outside.
  • Crate Training – This method produces mixed reactions. Many people insist that crate training is the best because a puppy is not supposed to soil where he sleeps. Furthermore, dogs like dens, and a crate can serve as a safe-haven of sorts for your dog. Additionally, crate training works great for those times you need to leave your puppy, as the puppy will be safely secured. Raising a puppy is much like raising a child, and they can occasionally get into situations that can leave them harmed. The people who oppose crate training view it as cruel.
  • Making Scheduled Trips Outside – This is the most basic method. You put your Doberman puppy on a schedule and make sure you follow it consistently. Many people who follow this method begin by taking their puppy out every hour or two, gradually increasing the amount of time between trips.


Tips to make it easier

When it comes to housetraining a Doberman, there are a few secrets that will help along the way:

  • Control your dog’s diet – You should always feed your dog the same food, at the same time every day. Avoid table scraps because they can contain foods or spices that can upset your dog’s stomach. If your puppy does get an upset stomach it increases the chance of a potty accident in the house. The same goes with water. You should ensure your Doberman has access to clean water all the time, but make sure to cut it off somewhere between 2 and 4 hours before bed. The less water consumed at bedtime, the greater chance your puppy will sleep through the night with no accident.
  • Maintain a Consistent Schedule – Your dog’s new schedule should begin the day you bring the puppy home. The schedule should include feedings, exercise, and bathroom trips. If you can remain consistent your dog will learn what to expect. This will make housetraining a Doberman so much easier.
  • Reinforce going outside – Come up with a word you will use to associate with going to the bathroom. You can use words such as potty, bathroom, go outside, and so on. After several times of doing so your puppy will catch on and begin to perk up and head for the door when it hears the word.
  • Keep a close eye on your puppy – 9 times out of 10 there are warning signs before an accident occurs in the house. Things to watch for are constant sniffing, circling, and hunched backs.

In the end, housetraining a Doberman is easy if you follow the advice above. They are incredibly smart dogs and they love to make their owner happy. Each time your Doberman does what you wish, shower the puppy with praise. This will make your dog excited and it will thrive for that all the time.

Do you have experience housetraining a Doberman? If you do, or if you have other tips I left out, please feel free to share in the comments below!

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