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How to Train a Dog to Attack (


Dog Training. How to train a dog to attack. guard dog breeds are being trained to attack and protect using muzzles, hidden sleeve training, dog bite suits, and other dog training methods. Dog training in New York. Personal protection training, obedience dog training, aggressive, and aggression rehab dog training. Many new dog training methods are developed at k9-1 specialized Dog Training.

  1. BoghaZi The Lord says

    How does one train and get such a dog

  2. n s says

    okay so 3 minutes and 30 seconds in had me burst out laughing in a crowd full of people who just stared at me like I was crazy good job lol

  3. Andrew Alves says

    this dog made me cry…. i love him


    ok that is so wrong and sad :(((

  5. Maxie :p says

    Could this work with a small 20 pound dog? My dog is terrified of strangers but once attacked my neighbors pit bull, luckily the dog was a complete pussy

  6. C Hall says

    Lol the rot was humping dude

  7. Alpha Tiger says

    Stop mother fucking hiting the damn dog -,- fûck u

  8. Mike Brentoth says

    o trained my pitbull to attack targets on command


    poor dog that is wrong to do that to your dog ITS NOT A GAME YOU IDIOTS YOU SICKOS!!!!!!AND ASSHOLES!!!

  10. StickFiguresMaster says

    1 million people deserve their few minutes back because this is gay, the Rottweiler wanting to have sex with the guy L0l, thats how its gay so dont be asking how old I am.

  11. Ciro Underlyon says

    This doesn't teach anything you fucks

  12. Little BigOne79 says

    now thats funny!lolol

  13. Tim Ballentine says

    That'll learn them bad guys,bite em and rape em!

  14. TheOnlyGirl InTheWorld says

    i dont see how this "how to train a dog to attack" what ive seen is just another dog that is very well trained!

  15. Shawn Walls says

    the title is " How to Train a Dog to Attack"… where's the training? Just another meaningless waste of time

  16. paul stevenson says

    that dog rook him doen and fucked the shit out of him lmafoo

  17. DonKilO Boss says


  18. Niroj Maden says

    how do you make your dog protect you?

  19. bi_yorumda_benden says

    3:23 ill fak u if u try it again

  20. roadrash 83 says

    Why is this labeled how to? This isn't a how to video it's a demonstration. You don't show how to do anything but trigger the dog and get bit. Hell of a dog tho. I still watched the video. You guys do good job!

  21. Tony Leneau says


  22. Always Adventurous says

    You literally just got fucked up by a dog lol. That was so funny

  23. diablo 12 says

    Fucking sick vudeo thanks for making this channel m gonna use this to sic my dog on people

  24. wolfy wlf says

    how to teach your dog to hump intruders

  25. saeed habib says

    I found chop in real life

  26. Thushal Thebuwana says

    attacker fucking 😀 wow nic protection tatic. he will never gonna attack someone else 😀

  27. ZuRriX says

    3:20 was golden.

  28. ZuRriX says

    3:20 – The dog made him his bitch.

  29. JHADEN GORDON says

    Damn it chop stop humping that guy

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