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  1. Roshaad Lall says

    Great video! So informative. I've looked at all your stuff!

    Quick question: How long do you take before you change phases? Do you train one phase for days until they get it right? Then move onto the next phase, and then eventually onto training the next command? I want to train my dog, but I also don't want to confuse him.

  2. Ramon Marte says

    you will have a quick, blessed dog once you watch her training

  3. Angie May says

    loving the raindeer prance. beautiful pup.

  4. Secret Agent says

    If I work with my dog daily, how long approximately will take for my dog to heel nicely. Indoors he is great but outdoors keeps going ahead of me. Also I use his food (small kibbles) indoors and real turkey outside. Seems we got a set back and I'm confused. Thanks

  5. A. Pal says

    Thank you!!!!

  6. christina carnahan says

    this video helps however my dog will not follow my arm like that. she just waits patiently i have tried food and using her favorite toy

  7. Meredith says

    My dog can do a lot of tricks and commands but he's very stubborn and will often time refuse unless I have a treat to give him. How do you get a dog to obey without treats?

  8. manuela redding says

    adorable puppy!

  9. AcePilot_0_0 says

    If 1 like fore every good girl the video would be viral good video doe !!😂

  10. jordon bill-c says

    thank you miss…. your a great instructor…

  11. Sonia Robledo says

    how much does it cost for yall to train a 5 month old german shepherd

  12. CurryPowder says

    I feel like this is teaching her "good girl" instead of "heel." As in she will heel when you say "good girl" lol

  13. TheTops0120 says

    what are you giving for treats? thanks

  14. missSDW says

    does it matter if i want to do this on my right side?

  15. Funny videos and clips says


  16. Andrea Martin says

    I thought this move was called "finish"

  17. Charm C says

    If you could say there was a component of this video that was "money," for me it would be the demonstration of using the arc movement with treat in hand to bring your dog into position, and the recommendations for troubleshooting timing and position of the hand with the release of the treat. Over the course of many years and several dogs, I've read instructions on teaching a dog to heel that usually said to give the "Heel" command while pulling the dog in line with a leash. I was never successful. This looks like it works, and I'll be trying it with my new puppy. Thanks so much for posting this video!

  18. Puppyfun 994 says

    What breed is she

  19. Freedom Tryggve says

    THIS IS GREAT. I ADOPTED A 3 YR. OLD he pulls on the leash a LOT and he forgets about food on a walk . Seems he's overstimulated by the new world.

  20. Hannah Dean says

    This was an amazing video I subscribed

  21. drew none says

    I really enjoyed watching this vid it really really helped me alot. I wish there's more like does and don't.. hehhehehe.

  22. Ciara Smith says

    Lovely video, but you do realize that G*psy is a racial slur, right?

  23. Dup Dupss says

    Surely you don't feed your dog if you give it that many treats…

  24. Snow Snow says

    Best tutorials on youtube , great job really breaking it down and great methods . My pitbull terrier takes to ur methods very quick. Thanks

  25. Jace says

    When your dog learns it and knows do you still need to use a treat

  26. Brandon M says

    My dogs like cheerios

  27. Benny Wilson says

    Where in Long Island are you guys?

  28. dalia var says

    you are very good. keep on the great work 🙂

  29. Møther_øf_Drøgøns_ says

    I realize that the dog is a bit to far back in this video but I'll just make her heel position further forward. Otherwise it's a good video. I'm training a Psychiatric Service Dog for my crippling anxiety and panic attacks.

  30. Rebeg0 AJ says

    is this actually heal or is it that she is just following you because you have a treat in your hand?…lol

  31. Devansh Nagi says

    why would you always keep the dog on your left side?

  32. Dorothy Carlisle says

    What kind of treats do you use?

  33. G A says

    Really helpful channrl thank you !!

  34. Muddy Pawz says

    Thx for help. I'm getting a puppy for Christmas that why 🙂 getting a GSD 🙂 Is she a malinois? She's pretty 😀

  35. Dilraj Shergill says

    My only question is when you're training your dog with treats would it only do the commands if you give it treats? I'm trying to teach my GSD without treats. (only using praise and clicker)

  36. hungnmiami says

    should you do one command at a time and if so which one should you start with

  37. WildOne420 says

    O.O her eyebrows tho…thats all I could see!!!

  38. E Anderson says

    Very good, but how do you do this with a tiny dog (chihuahua or yorkie)?

  39. E Anderson says

    Without a lure it would be worthless. She's not really obeying at all.

  40. Jocelyn Cerezo says

    I like her step by step phase training, unlike the other trainer on youtube that always advertise his sponsors, so annoying

  41. Ninja 002 says

    Gypsy really is a good girl, she seems to learn very quickly!

  42. Muddy Pawz says

    What happens if my puppy Dosent follow the treat?

  43. Preston Vaan horne says

    Great trainer

  44. Ginger Lee says

    Good. Are pets to be hungry when training with treats??

  45. Noah Faye says

    I'm not sure if you already have a video of it, but could you make one showing how to keep your dog from jumping on the counter. Mines being stubborn.

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