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Is the Doberman Right for Me?


They say there is a dog breed that fits every lifestyle. Dobermans are one of the more ferocious-looking dog breeds, and for this reason many people are drawn to them. Whether it’s their lean muscular bodies, or the menacing look they have with cropped ears – there’s no denying it, the Doberman Pinscher is a beautiful breed of dog. That being said, they are certainly not a good breed for everyone. If you are asking yourself, “is the Doberman right for me?” – you have came to the right place!

If you are reading this article, you must be considering adding a four-legged companion into your home. More specifically, a Doberman. The best thing you can do is educate yourself on the breed before choosing a dog, because when it comes to canines, looks are the least important characteristic to consider.

Sure, you want a dog that is easy on the eyes, but more importantly you want a dog that will fill a specific role in your household. The following information is a good starting point, answering the question – “Is the Doberman right for me?”.

1. They are large dogs, requiring lots of exercise

The first question you should ask yourself is – what type of home do I live in? If you rent or own a home and have a fenced yard, this will not be a problem for you. However, if you live in an apartment or type of dwelling that has no fence – how do you plan to exercise the dog? Owning a Doberman with no yard means you need to dedicate time each day to walk your dog about a mile; it doesn’t have to be at one time, but the more the dog is exercised, the more his mind will be at ease. Which brings me to the next thing …

2. Dobermans are highly intelligent

This breed ranks #5 on the list of the smartest dog breeds. This “list” was compiled by deciding which dogs learned new skills the easiest. While this sounds like a great thing, it can also cause you a great deal of headaches. The smarter the dog breed, the easier it is for the dog to keep you on your toes. Dogs that are smart get bored very easily. Boredom will soon turn into destructiveness. If you plan to get a Doberman, make sure you take time to teach your dog new tricks and keep him mentally stimulated at all times if possible. There are great toys and other items on the market that can help with this.

3. They are prone to many health concerns

Anyone who has owned a dog knows that Veterinarian bills can rack up quick. The overall health of a breed is an important factor to consider, because the last thing you want is to choose an unhealthy breed and be stuck choosing between helping your canine companion and paying your bills. If you are lucky and have extra steady income, or in other words a well paying job, this will not be a problem for you. If you are not financially stable, just understand that this breed is prone to many health issues such as bloat, hip dysplasia, cardiomyopathy, von Willebrand’s disease, and more. While you can prevent some of their common health conditions by spaying and neutering, other diseases are fatal.

Large powerful doberman pinscher
Red Male Doberman

4. Dobermans are included on the list of “dangerous dog breeds”

Dobermans are listed with German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Chows, and other breeds on a dangerous dog breeds list created by insurance companies. If you own a home and are considering a Doberman, it is important to first check with your home owner’s insurance company. Some companies will not insure your home if you own a Doberman. Other insurance companies that will cover you can choose to raise your rates, placing you in a more “high risk” category. At the same time, if you rent a home it is important to make sure your landlord is okay with the breed for the same reasons.

5. Socialization is the key to success with a Doberman

Given that the breed was developed to act as a protector these dogs can be prone to aggression issues. These issues can show themselves in the form of aggression towards other animals, or even people. For this reason it is very important that you start socializing your Doberman at a young age. Subjecting the dog to different scenarios from the start will prepare the dog for the same types of environments as adults. Allow your dog to meet a wide range of people – both young and old. A Doberman is a large dog, the last thing you want is a large, aggressive dog.

In the end, a Doberman can make a wonderful addition to many families. They are very loving and patient dogs when raised with the proper love and care. If you do choose a Doberman just shower it with as much love and positive reinforcement as possible, and you should do just fine!

I hope this article helped address your question of “is the Doberman right for me”! Please leave feedback or any experiences you’ve had with this breed.

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