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Jealous Doberman Dog Meets EVEN MORE Jealous German Shepherd!!


Witness Dog Jealousy As I Pet Another Dog. Extremely jealous Red Doberman meets even more jealous Long Fur German Shepherd. Doberman begs for attention! Longboarding With Dobie And Husky.

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Why Are Kryptos Paws Red?

Watch Krypto Ride In My Nissan 350z


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  1. Belle Sch. says

    You have such beautiful dogs. The Doberman and the Husky and the little one is so cute

  2. WhoisAry says

    Shock collars are for stupid people who are not able to train their dog humanely.

  3. Ashley MUA says

    “No self respect!!”
    Dog: jumps on the couch
    “Ohh myyy ga—cuts off video “
    Lmfao he kills me

  4. Jill R says

    Prong collars are cruel! They dig into your dogs neck. Please don't use.

  5. Frenchie 11 says

    Prong collar, shock collar all nasty……you need the "gentle lead" that goes over the nose below the eyes, around the head and under the jaw…..when the dog pulls it makes the head turn toward you which is annoying to the dog but does not hurt and they soon get the message, best thing I ever got for my Dobe. You can get it anywhere, google it!

  6. Frosch says


  7. Muddy Pawz says

    Mouzer looks like a male version of Kaia from Dogpile 🙂

  8. Inside The Dog-World says

    Why a shock coller? #qna

  9. BarbiesBoats says

    I came across your channel by accident. Once I started watching I wanted to watch more. I think the best thing about your videos is that you are a happy person. The world needs more of that. PEACE!

  10. Angel Vlog says

    Trick or treating what the fuck

  11. Sirinity Garcia says

    i love ur animals

  12. TheGanericGamers says

    sniffs the rat sniffs his ass ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  13. Hayden Lockie says

    Just so everyone knows Mauser isn't KzEs dog…He's just taking care of him….

  14. Masa Al Qatarneh says

    I feel bad why do you use a shock collor

  15. iiomq Isthepro says

    What the fuck, you four dogs

  16. Lauren says

    Why the shock collar and prod collar? get rid of them and train your dog instead. dobermans are very intelligent and want to please you. 40 yrs of doberman exp. here..

  17. tinaDANGbaby says

    Why is Krypto'a paw sort of red?

  18. Katy Lofthouse says

    Amazing ❤ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. bigbloodykava sliMe says

    That start iz lit there we gooo ooo.

  20. melliebun says

    “ Probably 90% of the pictures looks really– HAGAH

  21. Kratatch says

    WTF, you should not have dogs.

  22. The German Shepherd says
  23. Esra Bonner Atadeniz says

    German shepherd (I forgot his name)–like HELL NAH BITCH

  24. Esra Bonner Atadeniz says

    4:04 Kryptos Paws!!!

  25. Esra Bonner Atadeniz says

    YG – walks in & play fight mouser.
    Mouser – Imma win! 2 secs later OH shit!!!!

  26. sound asummer says

    The he'll he got a shock collar on for

  27. Nootan Sah says

    YOU FUCK EDIOT Shock collars are for the who cant train and handle their dog fuckbu bloody fool

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