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Lucy (the Schnauzer) and Jaxon (the Doberman)


This is how dogs should play…a 7-mo-old baby Schnauzer and an (almost) 8-yr-old Doberman. Jaxon, my ambassador dog, helps me rehab the rescue Schnauzers that have low self-esteem by playing nicely and helping them get over their fear of other dogs. Although he is technically in the lead (haha), he is still being nice, lots of “play bows” and allows them to think they are one tough puppy!

  1. budnpepe says

    love your schnauzer i got 1 the same.great characters.

  2. Darcy Burlingame says

    Aww that is so cute

  3. Tonya Alwardt says

    My dad says we might not be ready for a Doberman 🙁

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