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Muzzled Doberman Vs. German Shepherd Dominance, Aggressive Chihuahua


Taking My Tiny Apple head Chihuahua Inside the dog park, He witnesses 2 dominance fights Doberman vs Gsd and Doberman vs Bully, Muzzled Doberman inside dogpark, Haters will say Da Rat started the fights SMH. No dogs were harmed, just normal dog behavior.

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Welcome to my channel!. I own a Crazy Siberian Husky. It started when he was a little Husky Puppy. The goal of this channel is for us to meet every dog breed possible!. I Try and capture my Husky Howling but he’s to majestic I guess. Think of this channel as a Husky 101 With everything you sometimes should not do. Huskies are an extremely unique breed . Talking is a big factor in a video. Thats why I’m here!

  1. Skylok ! says

    I love how that one guy just picks of his dog and walks away

  2. TOM LIT8 says

    Get a rottweiler

  3. HelenaBonhamCarnage says

    That stupid woman in the purple sweater needs to go somewhere else if her dog is that aggressive and has to wear a muzzle.

  4. Thunder Bird says

    The lady dont know what she doing

  5. Fireheart Warrior cats says

    Da rat is so cute

  6. Rosemary Ranzau says

    The owner of that aggressive Doberman needs to leave and not come back!

  7. DragonSkaterrr says

    so much doberman's in my country you never see one

  8. Cola Shooter says

    I love da rat and krypto also . Please post more videos of da rat

  9. Awesome Girl Of Awesomeness 8D says

    I went to that park and saw him but didn’t have the nerve to talk to him. I don’t even have a dog

  10. royal williams says

    Da rat when he was getting jumped all I could think was "father why have you forsaken me???"! (:

  11. Julia Ängel says

    Thihihihihi on you to! 😂

  12. Sansdagirl Mccall says

    4:54 Lmao
    The end tho
    "Don't bark at Da rat bitch ! "

  13. MinYoongislollipop says

    “I don’t like da rat” WHO THE HELL DOESNT LIKE DA RATTTT?!

  14. Makaylas’s Life says

    Hey at 4:38 did the little dog get dragged ??

  15. Dane Marco says

    if my dog gets into a fight, and she wants to take her sweet time to get control over her dog, i'm not just going to hold my dog so it can get bit, i'm going to let my dog loose and fight back until she comes and controls her dog.

  16. Isabelle KL says

    DA RAAAAT ( What's his real name? )

  17. •Xxlizzy Xxurgurl says

    I see da RAT


  18. abhinandh vijayan says


  19. alienated says

    that doberman is savage

  20. Yha'kymm McCurdy says

    The rats like Bros before hoes

  21. Giannasassysass says

    Omg I feel bad for da rat I would’ve fuckin beat the dogs asses who attacked da rat I would’ve been the protective guy dog

  22. April Galvan says

    Poor rat the person rejected him

  23. Lilly Daly says

    Da rat is crazy

  24. Kriptonicgamer200 Lol says

    "dont bark at da rat bitch" 😂😂😂

  25. DWC says

    An aggressive Doberman with a muzzle and a woman who didn’t care to control him. She shouldn’t have taken him to a dog park if he had to wear a muzzle. Bit of a giveaway if you ask me.

  26. Tucker Blankenship says

    4:10 holy shit

  27. martha flores says

    Please bring krypto if that how you even spell his name correct me please if i did it wrong anyways bring him with gohan the husky the would make good friends😁😁👍

  28. luis Torres says

    Do a face reveal

  29. Baylee Rasp says

    “I think The Rat likes you”
    “I don’t like The Rat”
    Awwww but The Rat is so cute 😩

  30. Francesca DB says

    Poor rat !!! Got stumped. My german Shepard when I got it the dog parc with my chihuhuha she protects her. No dogs can go near her chi chi.

  31. Kali Blackwell says

    That lady needs to get her dog under control btw you sould tale them both together

  32. Spirit SilverPine says

    1:19 don't mess with a pit.

  33. Tadhg Spencer says

    U shud get the rat to pull u 🤣🤣🤣LMAO

  34. Adrianelkis Sencion says

    “Don’t bark at Dat rat b*tch” 😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Mags TheHybrid1 says

    Don't look at me like that the rat"

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