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  1. Icey Angel says

    there are soo cute i want to have one

  2. Icey Angel says

    what happen to the dogs

  3. Andrea J says

    Hungry at 1:39 D:!!

  4. KIBAfang90 says

    Oh i love how the lighter ones look! Liberty the weimaraner says hi!

  5. Chloe Hewitt says

    soo cute!

  6. Joy Gandolfini says

    they're all so beautiful. OMG she had two blues!!!! incredible. Congratulation, you truly were blessed.

  7. Hailee May says

    she didn't look that harmfull to me. aww

  8. Sharon Fabian says

    Beautiful puppies and the parents are beautiful, I have enjoy watching your videos on your dobies…..

  9. Mission Control music says

    It's too much… the cuteness… melting my cold, black heart…

  10. nicolas1999444 says

    damn, u got all colors!

  11. Justkozlow says

    I wish they had a service like Netflix only instead of movies you get a new puppy every week

  12. Fill The Silence says

    Awww! They are so cute! I have a blue female dobie. For some reason as a puppy she looked way more blue than yours, but she was older when we got her… so maybe that has something to do with it.

  13. kaluahmon says

    @1234gimmeascream These puppies are being kept inside and being sociallized with people, which I can say is more than some "reputible" breeders do. Besides, the look llike they are healthy and come from good stock.

  14. Christal S says

    they so adorable love the colors

  15. Screaming For Aliens says

    They are ADORABLE!! XD I love them!!

  16. Ylajalih says

    How is it even possible to be that cute? :')

  17. VeeDees says

    Cuuuuuuuute! I have a Min Pin. ;p

  18. MissVfromCali says

    I'm melting from the cuteness!

  19. Ryan Thompson says

    Aw I just want that new puppy smell, ARGH PUPPIES ARE SO FUCKING AWESOME!

  20. DeadlockedFalcon says

    They so cute 😀

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