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  1. Edison says

    @Vickytoria3112 oh just shut up… seriously couch critic over here…

  2. Tugsu Sumiya says

    Your camera sux…!!

  3. candido moreno says

    one thing i have to say is how do they cut the tail off and why i understand the ears for show and what not buy why cut the dogs tail

  4. DeadlyChinchilla says

    @candidomoreno666 They dock the tail when the dobes are young, before the tails develop fully, because they're very long, thin and fragile. I've one dobe with a tail and its been ridiculously expensive treating her for the many breaks, and its very painful for them when it happens. Love her to pieces, but I'll avoid tailed dobes in the future…

  5. saladien28 says

    the fact your are saying wheres the kitty ?wheres the kitty? doesn't help your cat an awful lot.

  6. jimmytango says

    @Vickytoria3112 shut up you fucking degenerate.

  7. cherryblossom2100 says

    usually when i say "wheres the cat?" to my dog she chases any cat she sees (due to a bad experience of a cat scratching her on the face badly when she was a puppy)
    i suggest for your cats sake, try and cut back on asking them where the cat is

  8. EnglishRose719 says

    @Vickytoria3112 I used to jokingly tell my dog to "get" the cat all the time and they were best friends and he never hurt our cat. Dogs can tell by the tone of your voice when you're SERIOUS about attacking something and when you're meaning things in a playful way. Did you see the way the dog flinched at 1:22, he's just playing. If a dog WANTS to attack something, he'll go for it no hesitations.

  9. zombierambo1 says

    how old is lckis?

  10. EnglishRose719 says

    @Vickytoria3112 Understandable

  11. MrZokibbb says

    look at that poor cat :S you sould consider killing yourself biatch.. 🙂 u just can't teach them to atack that kitty.. it's like I would teach my 3 dobermans to bit u till u die.. would you like that? i don't think so.. come to my place and you'll see what's a trained doberman 🙂 living WITH cats and protecting them, not attacking them ! (all 3 of my dogs 🙂 ) -peace you animal torcher-

  12. Stifsim6 says

    @MrZokibbb… If you have three Dobermans, you should recognize that as nothing other than play behavior.I will assume you do not.

    If I am wrong, please consider training your other two, so they live WITH cats as well. It's only fair.

  13. Anna Bananna says

    Sneaky Sneaky lol

  14. MomentarilyBill says


    -peace you animal torcher-

    LOL learn to spell before you go off to Peta jihad, idiot.

  15. violentphotography says

    ickis as in 'ahh real monsters'? if so, you. legend.

  16. MsNicolejenna says

    They look hungry

  17. amedeo24 says

    poor cat

  18. TheAlthz says

    you seem like a really irresponsible owner. Make sure that cat isn't going to be hurt!!

  19. YK KY says

    @amedeo24 Why would she be poor cat? I have a cat and doberman at home and the cat is THE boss here! Keira, my dobie, doesn't stand a chance with Blanco, they sleep together, eat together, play together, Keira just can't chase him. The cats are by no means poor, lot less poor that the average human who thinks cat is poor

  20. KZWolf says

    i like the those dogs and that kitty but can someone really keep shut of that bitch??? I mean the human nagging bitch

  21. Postmortemteddybear says

    @LorrieInSouthBend It's also known as a light fawn. I had a dark fawn female dobie named Chloe.

  22. Postmortemteddybear says

    This doberman owner is fail for so many reasons.

  23. Omid Omidi says

    ya , u like your dags and you thought this video could be funny but isn't, poor cat .

  24. Praise The Masculine Flames says

    @TheWealthyPlumber thats just skin.

  25. omfggoogle says

    Feed the dogs!

  26. Aru Kardis says

    Why is everyone telling you to feed the dogs? They're suposed to look like this, they're an athletic breed, not freaking lapdogs.

  27. kax79 says

    sooner or later there will be a bloody tragedy in this house

  28. hyeboi says

    feed the dogs more? lol for those of you dont know, this is how the breed is, they have an athletic endurance based build. they're not pit's or rottweilers

  29. Steven Weinstein says

    Please leave the breeding to the professional breeders. What makes your dogs breed worthy? Are they titled? Do u show them? Do u do all the testing for health problems? Do u holter them to check for heart problems. Dobermans have all kinds of health problems which responsible breeders try their best to eliminate as much as possible.

  30. Music777Lady says

    One is to fat and other is to skinny!
    Learn to feed!

  31. Steven Weinstein says

    Another thing. U shouldn't be breeding them if u can't even spell the name of the breed correctly!

  32. CheckNdMate says

    this woman is an ignorant idiot

  33. shechshire says

    lol she strikes me as one of those people that always refers to or gives an opinion to people in the from of a passive aggressive insult just as she is ridiculously doing it to her animals haha. These people are pretty anoying in real life.

  34. xradelox says

    Is that a trait that most/all dobermans have, to stalk like that? I don't see many dogs doing that but this is the second doberman that I've seen doing it.

  35. 4jr909 says

    Beautiful dogs!!

  36. Nichele Denson says

    don't call them pathetic .what is wrong with you

  37. Faning Shakya says

    Things of this nature help to make Youtube awesome. I fritter away tons of time doing this.

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  38. Kassandra Perron says

    omg i saw a grey doberman once and they are sooo beautiful! <3 your dogs are gorgeous!! <3 thanks for sharing

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