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One year old plays ball with Doberman


Every Adult Male Doberman should be this gentle when he plays with children and babies. He is a trained protection dog, and a trained search and rescue dog. He also competes in Schutzhund sport.
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  1. J Evenden says

    Awesome 🙂

  2. Greg Hoffmann says

    How could you risk a child's life like this? This animal is clearly out of control! Blah Blah Blah Yadda Yadda Yadda, and all of the other stuff people say that fear Doberman's because they know nothing about them. Beautiful dog! Very well behaved.

  3. Oranges ArePeopleToo says

    @familydobes whoah?! are you serious?! i have a miniature schnauzer, and shes a intact female (im pretty sure you know how grumpy they are) and the moment my niece goes to play with her she gets in to the defensive. hey btw wanna trade doggies lol jk

  4. Ice T says

    @familydobes sorry but whats fixed and intact?

  5. familydobes says

    @aliammar07 Intact is when they have their Reproductive organs, "fixed" is when they have been removed.

  6. gentjt38 says

    One time i befriended a mean doberman in less than 5 min. People could not understand how this mean dog was so friendly and playful to me and totally mean to everyone else. I met the dog in the kitchen, talked to it for maybe a few min, and way playing Razzle with it and hugging her. People were amazed at what they say.

  7. kobeandshaqBFF says

    How much time have you spent training your dog or is the vicious label just a bloohaw people spread about this breed cause i plan on owning and want to know the difficulty lvl on training this breed.

  8. Emmanuel Avila Music. says

    Deam!!!The Doberman is HUGE!!!

  9. kathie lagunas says


  10. Ylajalih says

    @mommakathie55 First of all, no need to yell. Secondly, "a dog like that"? Dobermans are amazing if they're raised properly. I should know since I grew up with one. We also had two german shepherds and a rottweiler. I played with them all the time, yet they never did anything to hurt or scare me in any way. Our cat, however, almost clawed my eye out once… Go figure.

  11. samantha saleh says

    hes a big lad!!!! oh how i love to watch you poor delludenoids fight over this dogs temperament look at him he clearly lurves this child and they can iteract so that the dog can act the same mental age as the baby leave off him hes playing!!!

  12. fastgixxer22 says

    My 7 year old red male Zeus is great around our 2-month old baby as well. I really love the temperment and beauty of Doberman Pinschers, and I intend to always have one. Great video.

  13. Mary Do says

    He looks like he has to poop!

  14. coneycat says

    I love the part where the baby throws the ball, and the dog looks like he's saying, "Are you gonna get that? No? You're sure? Okay then, I'll play with it." What a nice dog! (The baby's cute, too!)

  15. Kelly Woods says

    Don't think my pups would have been this tolerant of a kid playing with there toys lol

  16. Tom Butler says

    You can just tell hat the dog is looking at the baby thinking 'what on earth is this?'

  17. SauronsEye says

    I like my dogs to have tails so I don't need to be looking at their teabags and butt hole all the time.

  18. David Klecker says

    @RabidNozomi: Agreed. I noticed that too but that's no different than if a pup was doing that as well, that is swatted mom with his paw. Dobes can take a beating. The kid could have landed a good smack on his head. The most I feel this dobe would do is give a firm bark and walk off. But most of the time Dobes love a good smack down fight. Just don't get hit but their paws. "yeouch!"

  19. DakotaTheDoberman says

    @kelzybub306 Then I would work on resource guarding. A properly raised doberman SHOULD be this tolerant.

  20. teemell19 says

    @RabidNozomi I have a Pitbull and I feel the same exact way about them too. I've met Pomeranians and Chihuahuas far more wild and snappy than Dobermans or Pitbulls haha

  21. Kelly Woods says

    @DakotaTheDoberman I don't have a Doberman, i have Jack's that are known to be less tolerant with kids. i was just complimenting Familydobes.

  22. MissVfromCali says

    @kelzybub306 I have two jack russell terriers. One of them is like you said, less tolerant, and I wouldn't trust her around a child, yet her mother is sweet. My Dobie who died 3 years ago loved everyone and was super sweet, and very gentle around kids & older people, very gentle with other animals, especially babies. The only time he would get rough was when he was playing with another dog. And even then it was all play, no biting. I sure miss him.

  23. Uranija Zeus says

    Doberman is so elegant

  24. DuckwalkSupreme says

    The only dogs I've ever been worried about biting me were small dogs.

  25. cknight says

    omfg~! The baby should ride him!! XD

  26. Kar Perez says

    love the video.. this is the kind of videos people need to watch to convince themselves that dobermans are not the "crazy savage dog" most people think… i own one myself, and i can say.. BEST DOGS EVER

  27. mvce10 says

    Dobermans are great friends.

  28. Melanie Burda - Adams says

    Thanks for sharing!

  29. Melanie Burda - Adams says

    Thanks for sharing! Dobermans are very special dogs—very protective and loving…well, if with the right person/people.

  30. xxgeekluvngeekxx says

    What a sweet dog!! He doesn't even care that the your baby is on the doggy bed. X3 such a wonderful dog!!

  31. Sofian S says

    I hope you never let your baby alone with your dog. I know Dobies are gentle but still it's a dog and an accident can happen. Anyway i would not take any risk. But I'm not judging. Your Doberman seems nice.

  32. Frances Marie says

    Aparently the baby likes more the doggy bed than the dobie :)))) looks comfy

  33. xXShargiaArtsXx says

    @kenjikFr my parents doby protected me, he even saved my lfie when I was little

  34. Sofian S says

    @knightrider5050 Don't get me wrong I love Doberman. I'm just saying that it's a animal and you never know how it could react. (Even if with experience you can predict).

  35. Kelly H says

    I love how the dobie just nudges with their nose lol

  36. SmotPoker09 says


  37. YourPainIsMine says

    @DuckwalkSupreme the only dogs i've been worried about biting me were snakes.

  38. 4k1m1 says

    Not exactly. My aunt had a dog that was treated very well, but not spoiled; he was disciplined and trained properly, and they weren't abusive. They did everything by the book. Then, out of the blue, the dog attacked me, completely unprovoked; I was doing absolutely nothing and the dog knew me rather well. Same dog attacked their son a couple days later; the thing went for my neck and his eye. Sometimes, you get a dog with something wrong with it, just like you can get a crazy person.

  39. Sandra Samkough says

    @4k1m1 you weren't the dog's owners or its "family". the waters become murkey when it comes to people outside the dogs "pack". but i can bet that he never once bit them.

  40. 4k1m1 says

    @zehrasw0913 As I've said in my comment, the dog went and attacked my cousin, a member of his 'pack'. So, yeah, he had something wrong with him if he attacked someone he knew from the day he was born, and that child did absolutely NOTHING to provoke the dog; he was just petting it, saying goodnight before the child planned to go to bed, something he did every day.

  41. Krytalramirezan says

    Thats so cute

  42. Amber C says

    too bad im a grown up…i've always want a dog that is taller than me =(

  43. Amber C says

    baby: "dont touch mah ball…" *smack on dog's head* lol

  44. lexicat55 says

    I have the same purple stool

  45. disneylover4ever says

    I see this dog has a lot of advanced training. A doberman in the average household with basic training probably wouldn't be as calm even though it probably would be just as loving. Or maybe they adjust themselves to the person they're playing with. If they know that person likes to roughhouse, they will, and if it's someone they should be gentle with they will. They're certainly smart enough to do so. The doberman intelligence is one of the things I love most about them.

  46. Ashley Rucker says

    Aww he's just a big puppy!! so sweet

  47. donnap83 says

    Such a fantastic and well behaved dog! Well done!

  48. Xotiic Issa says


  49. PensiveCzar says

    The dog almost seems confused…like "what are we doing here? Am I supposed to fight you for the ball…am I supposed to sniff and lick you? What?"

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