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Pet Doberman Swallows 3 Pounds Worth of Tennis Balls – She Even Ate One Whole

0 Colin Hutchinson, from Sunderland, took his 7-year-old Doberman, Stella, to the vet after he noticed she stopped eating her food. He was concerned she ate something poisonous, but what the vet found was much more shocking! It was discovered that Stella had a whopping 3 lbs of tennis balls insider her stomach.

The retired policeman didn’t hesitate to take his beloved Doberman to the vet for an operation. During the surgery, the veterinarian found 25 balls. While most of them were chewed up, one was left completely intact!

How Did This happen?

Mr. Hutchinson said he didn’t know how she managed to swallow one whole, and was dismayed at the fact the pile of balls weighed half a kilo. He did say they were lucky they got her medical attention when they did, because if the surgery wouldn’t have taken place her intestine could’ve ruptured and resulted in death.

While Stella still loves to chase balls, her owner uses a ball launcher with her. Additionally, he makes sure not to lose the balls and throws away ones that are popped. While he has always followed these same steps, he thinks she may have picked them up in a field at night. Regardless, he now knows his dog will eat anything and keeps a closer eye on her. He and his wife and kids are delighted to have their beloved Stella back and healthy once again.

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