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Police K9 Unit – Doberman


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K9 Unit Doberman – Kingston Police Department –

  1. Faith Abounds at Melody Acres says

    Such a beautiful dog! Such a shame cancer effects so many.

  2. Luisa Cama says

    Thank you K9 Stinger. Enjoy your retirement. Cancer sucks.

  3. Tom Simmo says

    Pat him on his shoulder not his face

  4. Kara Zor-El Batilo a German Shepherd Adventure says

    What a bummer… darn cancer! Well deserved early retirement to enjoy life… before it gets worse .. TU#17 on video featuring this awesome dog!

  5. Kungen100% 99 cent says


  6. The Adventures of Tonka the Malamute AKA WaterWolf says

    Another Awesome video Pavel! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Denise Ritter says


  8. Derrick Hughes says

    They invest all this time and money into training these dogs then feed them cheap food. This is where the cancer comes from.

  9. janice blake says

    Blessed retirement Stinger 😇 you definitely deserve it Angel boy 😇

  10. No Star Reviews says


  11. Laura's Life says

    What a shame. Cancer has increased so much since I started training dogs 45 years a go. I think it is due to a heavy over vaccination program which has scientifically been proven to be unnecessary. Commercial dog food full of carbs which dogs don't need. Really sad to hear this.

  12. GSD K9Rex and Mads says

    Love Dobermans, Shame about the cancer. Early retiremant as a family dog is great for him. like nr 46 Skål Brother

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