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Raw feeding Doberman | Chicken – Pork – Beef – Green Tripe


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  1. VoydLust says

    The noises just make me go like "aaaahhhh… hmmmm." XD

  2. Neil Parmar says

    Raw verses kibble, no contest.

  3. HOLO UNICORN says

    I feel like this channel doesn't have as much subscribers as it should, because this channel is great!! I guess not that many people know about it.

  4. HOLO UNICORN says

    Also, do you ever give them animal horns like antlers and stuff like that

  5. D D says

    Whats with the boot on your car

  6. Lazerdude 247 says

    Just asking before I change my dog's diet to a raw diet, what are the best veggies for dogs to eat during meals?

  7. Sherice Heath says

    Looks like she enjoyed that chicken leg

  8. Pea Pome says

    It looks delicious.
    I'm getting hungry this way!
    Sasha likes to always eat it in front of the camera.
    Especially the best when eating chicken legs!

  9. Jauzness87 says

    Nice to see a natural dobermann with its body parts still attached

  10. Aasish Chaulagain says

    No body unlike👏👏👏👏🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

  11. Lethal Sperm says

    nice video brother but i think u have to remove the skin of chicken parts. im not sure

  12. curtis lawson says

    My airedale would eat some of this and hide the rest all over the house

  13. Kdee105 says

    Such a clean eater ur dog is, mine makes a mess sometimes I have to help him out lol

  14. Ives PJ says

    Who Feeds their dogs Chicken Feet?
    I mean Seriously ._. Gross
    No offense
    But This is so Satisfying..

  15. Timothy Potter says

    strong jaw

  16. P Gal says

    love the video and info but remember you have a powerful jawed dog with huge teeth this diet might not be optimal for people with medium or small toy breeds. Dobermans, Rottweilers, German Shepards, Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, Pitbulls etc can make bones into a snack smaller dogs dont have the teeth or the jaw power to crush these bones into safe morsels. Awesome video i wasn't against it but some people think a dog is a dog and forget what they are actually seeing. Dude my cousins Dobe literally wouldn't choke on nothing that fucker would steal his wifes panties and wireless bras from the hamper and spit them up like nothing LMFAO she was going broke with her Victoria's secret credit card.

  17. addy sixel says

    My mouth got tired from watching this!!! so satisfying tho lol…

  18. Kits Bozek says

    I thought drum sticks were a bad idea for dogs ?

  19. Om Lars says


  20. Dog Dad says


  21. WTF Moments says


  22. Koji Yokota says


  23. Fur Balls says

    Do you follow the 80% 10% 10% raw feeding? I recently saw Dr Karen Becker vid talking abt how important it is to incorporate roughage in raw diets for dogs. So Veggies are just as important.

  24. Honest Vega says

    I ❤ 🍗

  25. Ajesh George says

    Imagine getting bitten by this dog….yikes.

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