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Raw meat vs Dog Kibble Taste Test Challenge | Doberman Mukbang


Kaia our 2 year old Doberman taking the taste test raw vs kibble challenge. Doberman Mukbang video. She is currently on a prey model raw diet.

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  1. Seda Şeyli says

    He clearly likes kibble better 😀

  2. Angie says

    I'm always surprised in these videos that they don't go for the kibble as well as the raw food. Is the kibble really that unappetising compared to the raw food? Does this mean that once they start the raw food diet, they'll never be able to switch back?

  3. Gabriela Alvarez says

    Beautiful dobie❤❤❤❤

  4. Muddy Pawz says

    Hey, I was just wondering what's the difference between PMR (Prey Model Raw) and BARF (Biologically Appropriet raw food) I don't know what one I feed lol. What one do u think I feed based off my instagram pics?

  5. Rowlet4Life says

    Clearly, dogs prefer raw feeding simply because kibble is thát unappealing. It is also better, actually. Kibble is often cooked and modified. It actually does not contain the vitamins and such a dog actually needs. On top of that, unneeded material goes into kibble to make it what it is. Kibble is unhealthy! Dogs will not get the required vitamins and neutriants from kibble! Give your dog raw food. Not cooked!!

  6. Shayla Johnson says

    Damnnnn tearing it up😲🤣 it always amazes me when i watch rosko eat something with bones in it how FAST he chews through it i always get a lil nervous he will choke😫😫😐 but we spoil our fur babies 😆

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