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  1. Jonny Woodburn says

    Two new kids on the block 🙂 #dawg

  2. Lisa Morales says

    what color was the doberman ?

  3. Andrew Escobar says

    How old are they

  4. Andrew Escobar says

    Im suprised 2 huge dogs make a small dog

  5. TheDogStories says

    Black one is gorgeus

  6. Anthrozoology TV says

    How tall were they at this age?

  7. El Tio Freddie says

    sacos estan locos

  8. Minecrafttiano Troll says

    se parece al mio

  9. quinto34 says

    cool lookin puppies! I like the all black one!

    mine is 16 month now..

  10. In search for sunrise says

    lol… I bought a Rottweiler couple of days ago, he looked kind of skinny faced to me and I thought, must investigate!!!!! A real beauty, and what I've learned is that he's a mix between a Rottweiler and a Doberman. I hope to god he will be pleased in the future and not attack me as I'm reading all sorts of stuff on the internet!

  11. ale alvarez says

    linda cruza las dos razas mas malas que hay y mas lindas

  12. xXTROLLFACETROLLXx :v says

    I have a rottweiler/doberman dog

  13. chooch says

    I call these rottermens

  14. nslipknot 9 says

    Beautiful pups. I just adopted a rot/dobbie pup. He's more relaxed then I expected for this breed.

  15. Jônatas Coimbra says


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