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  1. muttlee1213 says

    How you raised your beautiful dog is why this BEAUTIFUL interaction exists. Awesome!!! Thank you for sharing this video….

  2. Trifunovici says

    are you joking???

  3. Trifunovici says

    Do you really think that the baby would get hurt? You should relax and enjoy this great video.

  4. Ps3Freaky says

    i bring s asmill on my face if i see this 😀

  5. Gern Blanston says

    Nice Video!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. ME7291 says

    I agree, but its amazing how gentle the dog is with the baby considering how powerfull the breed is.

  7. bluecaterpillar says


    No name-calling please; it's juvenile and rude. "get it" was directed at the toy, not my child! The dog knew that because the dog was, by that time, quite accustomed to how I spoke to her during play time. Keep your comments polite or I will delete them.

    Of course I appreciate anyone who is concerned for my son's safety. Max is three now, and he and Spider are still the best of friends.

  8. bluecaterpillar says

    @dogylover1 Ha ha – I doubt that will happen – I'm certain my dog is too smart to ever pick up a cigarette; I hope the same is true for my son! 🙂

  9. bluecaterpillar says

    @nowexit Thanks for your nice comment. Max is three years old now, and you're right, they are the best of friends.

  10. scarijeri says

    I LOVE videos like these that show people that the breed doesn't make them dangerous, it's how they are raised =) Very cute!

  11. joezeppi27 says

    true story:i know a married couple that have a doberman a.k.a Da-Buster, well, a fire break out in the kitchen, Da-Buster, runs up to the bedroom barks non stop, owners are out cold sleeping, so Da-buster bites the foot of the owner, she awakens, couple lives, kitchen destroyed, the whole block showers Da-buster with gifts and treats!! Dogs are Simply Amazing!! thx for sharing this video,God bless to your son max and spider!!!

  12. bluecaterpillar says

    @deeallen2 I can't remember either. 🙂 Was that just a month ago? I don't remember removing the comments, actually. Who knows.

  13. grooteschuur62 says

    irresponsable and dumb behavior. Not cute or fun at all. Poor baby, poor poor baby

  14. Tourkos69 says

    soooooooooooooo cute!!!!

  15. chihuahuacutie9 says

    such beautiful dogs

  16. Rajan Dharni says

    haha, 1:43 is so cute

  17. YamiKazeSora says

    This is SO CUTE! ^__^

  18. thundermorphine says

    I think this breed is the scariest looking of them all, so it's heartwarming to see this side of it.

  19. lolvely1 says

    1:16 all I saw was the baby's head and the corner of the table. other than that cute…

  20. jabraxxus says

    We had a red Doberman named Loco and a Wolf Shepard Hybrid named Bullet. They protected my sister and would only let my mother and grand father near her. My dad and grandmother didn't stand a chance of getting near the crib. They are protectful by nature. You have a great animal cherrish these times because your child is too small to remember but, is sure to become an animal lover.
    Loved these vids.

  21. erin c says

    I have a doberman, This is amazing to see. this was always one of my thought, how they would act towards babie. mine loves toddlers but has yet to be around a baby.

  22. Marian Dicus says

    Dobermans are the sweetest dogs ever

  23. Nicolas Aguiar says

    is not DOBERMAN

  24. bluecaterpillar says

    @nikao60, what do you mean "is not DOBERMAN"? Is too Doberman! I didn't have her ears cut, but she is a pedigreed Doberman Pinscher.

  25. Warfare1904 says

    You realize your teaching your Doberman to have dominance over the baby. I have a red and rust dobe and he knows that the baby is above him in the rank chain.

  26. teeny Evans says

    @nikao60 it is a doberman

  27. bluecaterpillar says

    @enarrais Spider (that's the dog's name) was very protective of him when he was tiny. Now she is just wary of strangers but she trusts me if I tell her that the person is okay. Max is four years old now and Spider still keeps a close watch. She's a terrific dog.

  28. bluecaterpillar says

    @sprinks41 Thank you!!

  29. Thetruenihilus says

    These dogs are amazing. To think they were actually bred to kill human and protect their owner. Yet this is proof of how good they are with people. They love their families and are loyal beyond belief.

  30. AmberKN says

    lol the baby is so confused

  31. Lila York says

    Remember when Dobermans were the awful viscous baby killers?? They had a horrible reputation in the media for decades. Now it's Pitts – Neither deserve the rap they are getting!
    — Doberman owner and rescuer for over 12 years, Pitt owner of the sweetest most protective dog in the world!

  32. Lila York says

    @Thetruenihilus – Um… dobermans were never bred to "kill" humans. lol.. just protect a tax collector 🙂

  33. Thetruenihilus says

    @snixsnix11 Yes, protect a tax collector from (people) When this dog is protecting, what does that mean. It surely is not going to maul someone and walk away. It would be to kill. I love Dobermans, don't me wrong. But their bodies and teeth were designed for human take down. By the logic of their breeding back then, they would have been considered the most lethal human killer. Not so much now, because the breed is more of a pet. Either way they are amazing dogs/pets/friends.

  34. William Shepherd says

    @AuroraCelest I have noticed from raising dogs around babies that they sense that they are in fact babies. When my mother was pregnant with my little brother our family dog "Sugar" would stay behind her, not run or jump anywhere near her and was super protective. With anyone else she would run up to and just be crazy with, unless commanded to do otherwise. Dogs can just tell.

  35. Nancy HOLLAND SMITH says

    I love Dobermans. I had one and she was great with kids.

  36. andrew bruns says

    Best Dog EVER!!

  37. Jen Can says

    we love our dobbie too and i love how this video shows how good and loving they are!

  38. Rob Manna says

    Great dog man. That's really cool

  39. Rob Manna says

    The only thing I would be scared of is the dog accidentally scratching the baby's face with his nails

  40. bluecaterpillar says

    Thanks! I can't take credit though. She's just a really good dog.

  41. Maxwell Barnes says

    I am the baby in that video… 😉 Spider was a great dog, sadly she passed away two years ago… I really miss her.

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