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The Doberman Pinscher is an incredible dog breed. The only breed bred to do personal protection work. This genetic programing makes the Doberman not only great at protection work but also an amazing companion. The breed envisioned by Louis Doberman, one hundred plus years ago is today one of the world’s most popular and revered dog breeds. Not too mention the iconic silhouette of the breed.

Lorna and Patrick O’Connor run a dog training business along side thier breeding business. Combined they have over ninety years of experience with the Doberman. In this video they share their insight and wisdom of this noble breed.

  1. Mad Mades says

    I learned alot

  2. Samantha Kahrman says

    Dobermans are fantastic dogs had them for 18 years don't need to train them to protect never bred just loved love dobermans

  3. Reginald Lovely says


  4. Bakare Shariff says

    Thank you Dogumentary TV, been waiting on this for ever.
    I love how the couple compare with other popular dog breeds, makes understanding easy

  5. Lori Thoelke says

    where are you, do you do like board and train?

  6. Cash Skywalker says

    I like how they said "bitch" a lot

  7. Felix Siele says

    Thank you dogumentarytv

  8. Cheryl Wyatg says

    I fell in love with Dobermans when we were overseas and lived right out side of the Army base traing them for Nam. We would watch them for hours. As soon as we were State side we got a Dobe. We have had them for 40 years. They are part of our lives and family. Kids have always grown up with them. LOVE A DOBERMAN !! CHERYL

  9. Peter Ageng'a says

    oh man! that is one awesome male Dobe

  10. BTSG.Football says

    They seem like the perfect dog for me were both athletic i hate the cold i love chilling with people i go out alot to duffrent places and meet different people and i understand tge aspects in training a working class dog

  11. sailorman says

    I am on my 3rd female Dobie.
    There is no other dog.
    So awesome.

  12. Stuart H says

    Great analogy on the hypocrisy of those who demand pets be spayed and neutered (a very invasive surgery) yet scream when a Dobe's tail is docked or the ears cropped. It should be up to the owner. The humane reasons are a farce when you advocate spay and neutering. Neither is medically NECESSARY in most cases. We just do it to stop unwanted pregnancies and control the pet population. Crop and dock is done for a cleaner look, and the Dobe's tail was not meant to be long. Herr Dobermann wanted it cropped.

  13. GRANT NYBERG says

    are you kidding me??!! dobermans are by far one of the dumbest dogs there is

  14. JACK KANGAROO says

    A very informative video. As someone who has had a Doberman companion, I agree that they are a unique and wonderful breed. I am not a "one breed only" person and currently I have a magnificent Rhodesian Ridgeback who weighs in at 110 lbs as my constant companion, but Dobermans are definitely one of my favorite breeds. I've defended ear cropping for years on the grounds that it does have a benefit in reducing the incidence of ear infections (Most canine ear infections occur in floppy eared breeds.) But as the breeder here mentioned, the unnecessary neutering and spaying of dogs is far more invasive and has more dire consequences than ear cropping has ever had. In males especially, removal of the gonads often leads to endocrine imbalances and adrenal gland deficiencies eventually culminating in Cushing's disease, which can prove fatal to the dog. If neutering is not medically necessary it is best to avoid doing it.

  15. Weirdanimalboy says

    The Doberman honestly needs a monitored crossbreeding project. This breed's going to go extinct at this rate, dogs are dropping dead of DCM before 2 or even a year old.

  16. Phil O says

    Make a video on the GERMAN PINSCHER

  17. JAB says

    Very true what that lady said in the first minute or so. Our dober loved sitting in the middle of the living room with us……did not like being kept in his kennel, his room so to speak…just wanted to be loose and free and around us…..too good.

  18. ABCD ABCD says

    TY DOGUMENYARY TV, not enough quality dobie videos

  19. Nadine Morningstar says

    This is the dog for me

  20. flukeman022 says

    11:38 crop and doc a beautiful dog for looks really? I can understand doing it to prevent ear infections and broken tail but for cosmetics reasons? Is a disgrace they are bloody dogs they look perfect as they are!

  21. Samantha Kahrman says

    Really put your dobie in kennel. Okkkay

  22. LukethaDuke says

    All about living with Black Russian Terriers please!!!!!!!!

  23. Andy Mcnally says

    "When BITCHES have a problem, the fights are gonna be much worse!"

  24. Derrick Dorris says

    My Doberman was attacked by another dog on a walk when he was only 11 weeks old and again at a dog park at a beach when we went on vacation . He is now over a year and loves other dogs and people…so that's not always the case.

  25. Miami Malinois says

    Awesome dogs

  26. Kissing Bandit says

    Not cropping a dobe hurts them…they are bred to be cropped and docked…people look at your dobe different when they are cropped…my dobe could climb a chain link like a cat 7ft no problem and very trainable. A person needs a strong personality with dobes….they are a magnificent bred! Oh one thing he hated was water…couldn't swim at all…haha and very sneaky he would sneak up on the couch at night and if you woke up and checked the couch it was warm where he was sleeping on the couch…never catch him thou

  27. shechshire says

    Sounds a little biased considering that cops RARELY use Dobermans.

  28. Do Mina says

    Wondering how the kennel fared with the fires? Hope all is well!!

  29. TrailLIFE says

    While everyone is complaining about crops nd dock .The main thing about this video that stuck out to me is socializing, Doberman's demand early socializing guns,cars,kids, everything possible or else they are screwed and you will have a hard time. Unless u want a couch potato

  30. Sewing for dolls says

    Sign of a good breeder.= One who DEMANDS, REQUIRES, ECT that you return the dog to them if you can't keep the dog..awesome..

  31. Nevenyx says

    i love Dobermans💪🏾❤️best dogs on the world!!!!!!!!!!💪🏾❤️

  32. Yeah Bee says

    these two seemed the most prepared for the interview so far. good talkers

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