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Tiny Kitten Takes On Big Doberman



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The epic struggle of a tiny kitten vs. a big Doberman dog. This tiny kitten holds his ground against a mean set of teeth! Pancake the tiny kitten loves to wage war against Sugar Tree the big Doberman. Who do you think won this battle?

Pancake is a 7 week old kitten I’m fostering for a friend after he was found abandoned in a hot parking lot. Sugar Tree is my 2 year old Doberman and is probably embarrassed that I’m uploading this video… 😉

  1. Kelly Angel Burn says

    this is so cute im gonna die

  2. Apud1984 says

    super video! watch my channel, I'm sure you gonna enjoy it.

  3. Jabba's Palace says

    love these videos , my baby has the same temperament

  4. Simon Carrick says

    lmao I'm cuddling with my Doberman right now

  5. Talulah Stiles says

    I love how sugartree is gentle with the kitten but it's so funny when Pancake puts her/his paw in his mouth it's so cute

  6. bigfootwalker306 says

    Why isn't this on
    I'd would like and share this all day long!

  7. eye ball says

    that kitten could've died

  8. Soymaid says

    If someone ran over and sat on my nose I must admit I wouldn't take it nearly so graciously as this dog did.

  9. Kirsten Hawklee says

    Poor kitty

  10. Chickpea the Tortie says

    Oh what a sweet kind Doberman

  11. Truthergirl23 says


  12. Tulika Joshi says

    Dangerous kitty. It can harm the doberman then kill us all with cutness.

  13. MELISSA PENA says

    I have one already and she is a girl

  14. VanCan23 says

    Hahaha that dobbie is such a goof.

  15. Polpiv4tifish says

    The restraint this Doberman shows towards his kitten is a quality I really believe more people need to bring into their own lives. I keep saying it, there's a lot we can learn from our four legged friends.

  16. Jipsi Gypsy says

    this is the most cute hing I have ever seen! its adorable! And this shows not all dogs are bad!

  17. MzSunnyJeep says

    I think it's snack time and I would dare not leave these 2 unsupervised. Dobbie could be playing but he's too strong for little padawan.

  18. ilikeceral3 says

    How is pancake doing now?

  19. Shane McNelis says

    I was hoping the doberman would fuck that little shit up.

  20. maxxon89 says

    "Having fun, boys?"

  21. Francesca S says

    how is pancake now ?

  22. Ryk Comerford says

    When he puts his jaws around the kitten, the cat is still alive, right?

  23. supersmashbro596 says


  24. Семизоров Марк says

    this cat so fearless

  25. Maria Harteva says

    Thank you so much for sharing this! Here I thought that the nose boop / headbutt my dobie does to our cat while playing was a unique thing. 🙂

  26. PeaceFan1 says

    Pancake was The BOSS, even as a Kitty….xoxo

  27. Killercoldice22 says

    Lol I know everyone's making jokes but it's a kitten. One step from the Doberman he can hurt her kidneys or any other small organs and the kitten would die.

  28. HyouMix ! says

    Yeah… You'll Be The Kitteb Slave Soon… SOON….

  29. Both Botv says

    this is cute

  30. vee tour says

    Never ever leave a kitten alone with a Doberman! I've seen it many times where the dog gets mauled by the kitten defending its territory.

  31. Rainwolf 12 says

    Now I really want a kitten and a dog.. D:

  32. then again says

    I thought all dobermans were psycho

  33. C XL says

    in case anyone was wondering, she revealed in her latest video that this kitty was murdered by her ex. this is the one who killed pancake

  34. Doc Prunesquallor says

    sorry to be negative on your wonderful films – having to click out the ads is bad enough but surely the obliterating recommends near the end are surely not needed

  35. Rick K says

    My Dobe used to put his mouth around my neck like he did to this kitten.
    One time my other dog rear-ended the Dobe which made him put more pressure than usual on my neck.
    It didn't hurt but I yelled "ow!"
    That poor dog took off for his crate and refused to come out. I had to squeeze my fat ass into the crate to reassure him that I wasn't dead.

    She never did it again, which was a bummer because I really enjoyed the horrified reaction from people who saw it.

    I tried to maneuver my neck into her mouth by being sneaky.
    She wasn't having it.

    I also had a ton of red spots on my hands and knuckles from playing fetch with her.

    We had the timing of her dropping the ball and me catching the ball before it hit the ground down to a science. Most of the time.

    I have to admit that she wasn't nearly as concerned about my hands as she was about my neck.
    It's like she was saying, "I'm sorry I keep nicking you, but I'M not the one who keeps screwing up the drop and catch!"

    And I love all of the post warning the Dobe to "beware of the kitten!"
    Everybody who has a Doberman knows who the boss in that relationship.

  36. Rick K says

    I know this video and most of the comments are years old, but I have a question that you may or may not wish to answer.

    Have you been able to turn your videos into a decent money making enterprise?

  37. The Laughing Puppies 2.0 says


  38. Tilen Stupar says

    it's like david vs goliath

  39. Nitger mofo says

    that thumbnail looks like a Xenomorph mouth

  40. EHW2 says


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