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Top 10 FASTEST Dog Breeds


Top 10 FASTEST Dog Breeds
10. Doberman
9. Borzoi
8. Whippet
7. Dalmatian
6. German Shepherd
5. Afghan Hound
4. Ibizan Hound
3. Vizsla
2. Saluki
1. Greyhound

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  1. man evil says

    Lol Greyhound Is 70 Mph Lol Green mango more

  2. Big Slimm says

    Whippets look like miniature greyhounds and Salukis are built similar also. I'm not sure how accurate this is. I gotta do some research

  3. Omar Amin says

    German sheperd is not fast

  4. margherita esposito says

    When your scared of dogs and see a Doberman on the beach

    RUN RUN IM GOING BE DEAD and my friend is there looking at me O_O

  5. Uwiehdhdbfjdisnd Hehehehsbsbbebebebe says

    What about a Rhodesian ridgeback

  6. Dponpon says

    Hehehe,… this is not true,… U totally forgot the Boxer,… made for speed and power. I got Boxers all my life, and when most other dogs runs as fast their legs can carry them,. the Boxer just playing with them πŸ˜€

  7. Magda Mazurek says

    I have a vizsla and they actually are very fast

  8. Paige Funston says

    I am pretty sure that they only got the #1 fastest dog correct, the greyhound. But every other dog on that list was way off. This person needs to do a lot more research before they post things like this. I see stuff like this all the time people dont know a thing and they post it and make everyone think a lie and make everyone else look dumb for seeing this and believing it. So if the person who made this is reading my comment please do more reaserch and put in facts that you know are true dont just look on wikipedia or a website like that. Nobody like videos with false information.

  9. blue widow says

    I'd hate to be the owner of the dog breed at 2:13 have to clean the dog poop off his butt every damn day lol

  10. Loretta German says

    The 2 fastest dogs in the world DOBERMAN AND WHIPPET.

  11. Jinxcity84 says

    No American pit bull? My dog is fast af! My whole neighborhood talks about how fast my dog is. I put any money on my dog vs a German Shepherd.

  12. Beatrice M says

    le berger allemand en plein milieu des levriers?!?!

  13. My Trust says

    German shepherd sher he Sher..

  14. Millard Edon says

    Malinois is the fastest dog too because I have malinois he is faster than in my car

  15. James Krys says

    My Aussie Husky cross used to easily outrun my wife's cousin's German Shepherd. They were both the same age.

  16. philiskirk57 says

    The afghan is the fastest they dont arf gan some

  17. nicole says

    I have a Hungarian Vizsla called Nala and we cannot let her off her lead as she was once shoved in water by 3 German shepherds so we don't but we walk her very far

  18. abasenji says

    Go to a lure coursing trial and see how fast whippets are – slightly behind greyhounds but not by much. They are faster than every other dog in the list other than greyhounds.

  19. Motos Cruch says


  20. AL vlogz :P says

    Well done… I enjoyed it even though I have most of these dogs… GSD's are as quick as a whippet. Doberman's are guard dogs. Saluki's are nearly just nearly as fast as a greyhound. Dalmatian's nah my dog will frash it by 45mph. Vizsla's I have one so yeah (Pepsi the greyhound & Amber the vizsla have been tested on each other) You could seriously get these facts right haters. thanks I really did enjoy it πŸ™‚

  21. Daniel German says

    The 2 fastest dogs in the world DOBERMAN AND THE WHIPPET………


    Idiot ..whippets r faster than dalmatian n g.Shepherd

  23. Funkids215 Khloe says


  24. Bruce Wayne says

    My Malinois is faster than a german shep, and my dutch shep is faster than my malinois, and my chihuahua is just quick af

  25. Estelle Barry says

    All this depends what you want your Hound to do- track would be greyhound fastest by far- whippet or lurcher ( English cross bread Greyhound/whippet) for Hunting as they dart also Ibizan hound quick on the turn unlike Greyhounds forget Dobermans and lol Dalmatians – Afghans are too jumpy and clumsy but Saluki runs well to πŸ™‚

  26. Killer Bee says

    dogo argentino should be fourth their speed has been tested and the average is 40kph and the fatest is 54kph

  27. London Wilson says

    Boxers are fast dogs too so u should’ve put them in the video

  28. Ronni Henrico says

    A whippet should be #2. And the greyhound shown on the video isn't a greyhound, it's a sloughi. Sloughis are not near as fast as a greyhound.

  29. Michael SΓΈrensen says

    Way, way off Dude. It's pretty much retarded.

  30. ChaotiX says

    Weimaraners are faster than German Shephards…. why didn't they make it on this list?

  31. Tommaso Fulceri says

    Where is pointer?

  32. Placeholder Name says

    The list is wrong, and I love how owners of other breeds are like "Bla bla my Matilda is faster than so and so Greyhound and Whippets". Listen pumpkin, theres a reason why dog racing is synonemous with Greyhound racing (And whippets, which is a slightly smaller Greyhound variant) That doesn't mean your specific dog can't be fast as hell, but on average, all Greyhounds and other sighthound breeds are the fastest sprinters. One was clocked at 50 mph/81kph. This entire list should be nothing but sighthounds. They have been breed for hundreds of years, perhaps thousands, for hunting and spotting small prey and chasing it down through sheer speed instead of using scent to continuously stalk, locate and exhaust the prey.

  33. One Chance says

    What about the basenji?

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