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Top 10 Smart Facts About Dobermans


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Dobermans have a reputation as menacing security dogs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a soft spot for their two-legged pals.
Top 10 Smart Facts About Dobermans

  1. Smart Facts UK says

    Great facts!

  2. Adeva says

    Are dobermann okay/good to novice owners? I thinking getting one as my first dog either a pup or a adult dobermann.

  3. ron milanovic says

    fun and interesting video. It's the reason I've had 5

  4. Shane Cordova says

    Words not reading can’t multi task if you have to read otherwise great video

  5. truth forever says

    The Doberman is also the official war dog for the United States Marine Corps.

  6. julie beal says

    I 've had several dobies and loved them all. Buddy, Zane,, Buddy, Meryt, and lots of puppies that got good homes.

  7. manosotelios athanasakis says

    Sorry but doperman is huge breed

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